Highlights from the SEW Blog: Dec 30, 2005

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Malik Looks at Issues for Google AdSense and Other Ad Programs in 2006

Om Malik has compliled and written an excellent post that discusses what might be some big issues for AdSense and other programs in 2006. Om writes: From scraper sites, to click fraud to trojan horses, looks like the most profitable money making mechanism, aka AdSense might be facing some tough times.

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Google and Yahoo Both Make Top 10 of 2005 ImagePower Newsmaker Brands Survey

A new survey out today ranking America’s leading brands has both Google and Yahoo in the Top 10. Other Internet players in the Top 10 “winning brands” for 2005 include Amazon.com and eBay. This CNNMoney.com report, adds: Google tops the forecast for 2006.

At the top of this year’s 2005 ImagePowerB. Newsmaker Brands Survey was Apple’s iPod brand.

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Patents, Google and Acquistions; What About Search Patents from Other Companies?

Loren over at Search Engine Journal points us to a post on SEO by the Sea by Bill Slawski that does an impressive job of listing some of the patents held or applied for by companies Google has acquired over the years like Urchin, Applied Semantics, and Kaltix. Nice work.

It’s understandable with Google just being Google, that every patent application they have published or every patent they’re awarded gets big attention. However, it’s still important to look at what other players are doing in developing in the patent world.

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Revisiting The “No Banners On Google” Declaration

I wrote previously of Google promising that the terms of its deal with AOL wouldn’t see a flood of banner ads flowing onto its pages nor the selling out of Google’s principles.

But I still felt there was some “wiggle room” in that “no banners” isn’t the same as “no graphical ads.” Now I’ve had a chance to talk with Google. Yes, banners are pretty much out. However, other graphical units might still happen. Here’s a rundown from my conversation today with Google’s Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products & user experience, who took time away from her vacation to talk.

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Consumer Reports Looks at Travel Search Meta Engines in New Study

Consumer Reports/Consumer Web Watch has published a new study that looks at how 11 travel search meta engines and aggregators like Kayak, Mobissimo, and Yahoo FareChase perform. The full text of the 29 page report (PDF) is available here at no charge. A brief news release is also available.

Here’s a list of the 12 sites analyzed in the report:

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Sharing The Search Wealth At A9, MSN & The Drawbacks

In my post-Christmas mailbox was a message from A9 reminding me of its A9 Instant Rewards program that effectively pays me a bit to search with them. That was a perfect hook to revisit the entire “pay to search” idea that Microsoft chairman Bill Gates kicked off earlier this month.

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Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Google’s AdSense Under Pressure
Gigaom Dec 29 2005 11:15PM GMT
How Click Fraud Could Swallow the Internet
Wired News Dec 29 2005 11:12PM GMT
Online Ads Accelerate
Searchblog Dec 29 2005 11:09PM GMT
Yahoo, MSN Strong In Shopping Referrals
OnlineMediaDaily Dec 29 2005 11:08PM GMT
We Are What We Search? Hopefully Not!
OnlineMediaDaily Dec 29 2005 11:07PM GMT
The Year in Search: A 2005 Review
ClickZ Today Dec 29 2005 11:06PM GMT
Research: Using meaningful and stable categories to support exploratory web search:
University of Maryland Dec 29 2005 11:02PM GMT
Google Diverts Links on Google Base
ClickZ Today Dec 29 2005 11:00PM GMT
Web Resources For Road and Travel Info in the U.S
ResourceShelf Dec 29 2005 10:58PM GMT
SNL Chronicles of Narnia Rap causes YouTube to Overtake Google Video Search
Hitwise Weblog Dec 29 2005 10:46PM GMT
: Google To Supply Search For Opera’s Mobile Browsers
TechWeb Dec 29 2005 10:43PM GMT
SES Report: Search Engine Optimization Overkill
Pandia Dec 29 2005 10:35PM GMT
SearchTHIS: Google in 2006
iMedia Connection Dec 29 2005 10:32PM GMT
Who Ruled Web Searches This Year?
NewsFactor Network Dec 29 2005 7:42PM GMT
Reciprocal Linking vs. Mutual Linking
High Rankings Dec 29 2005 12:02AM GMT

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