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SEW Expert - Herndon Hasty Herndon
Of PPC and PBJ: Combining PPC and SEO Effectively, Part 1
When search engine optimization and pay-per-click search ads work together, both can improve — if it’s done well. SEO’s thick and salty “peanut butter” should form a strong base for PPC’s “grape jelly” to form an unstoppable search/sandwich force, right?
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric
Invest Time in Twitter Now for Long-Term Rewards
Links are still the short-term payout. But there may come a time where “social media mentions” are a factor in search engine rankings, or when Twitter sends your site thousands or tens of thousands of visitors per day.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
International Social Media Strategy: One Size Does Not Fit All
While the social media space is becoming more defined every day, it’s still the Wild West; especially when you look to take your strategy international. It may seem overwhelming, but if you embrace the opportunity, you could get large payoffs.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Time Warner Buys Back Google’s 5% Stake in AOL
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 29, 2009

When the Time Warner board voted in late May to spin off AOL, buying back Google’s 5% stake in the company would be a prerequisite for the sale. This week, Time Warner did just that. The return on investment, however, was not so hot. Google invested $1 billion in 2005 to …
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Category Vs. Product Pages: Which One Tests Better? (You Might Be Surprised)
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 29, 2009

When Al Scillitani set out to do a little landing page testing, he was convinced he knew which page would win. But when the results came in, he was suprised. Scillitani conducted an A/B test to see whether category pages or product pages would test better. He used email and …
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When Bloggers Attack: Retaliation is Not the Answer
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 29, 2009

George Smith Jr. took to his blog to offer up a cautionary tale for both marketers and bloggers. He was recently at BlogHer representing Crocs (a footwear company), when one of the conference attendees walked up to him and struck up some small talk. Then she made clear she wanted …
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hakia Unveils Commercial Ontology
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 29, 2009

hakia is unveiling their new approach to the semantic web by introducing Commercial Ontology. Dr. Riza C Berkan, CEO, took to the official hakia blog to explain. Commercial Ontology is able to recognize phrases and terms as opposed to typical ontologies which Berkan says only look at one word. The word …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Is this black hat? Jul 24, 2009
I had a consult with a SEO firm that from all appearances has a good reputation and made some good, clearly white hat suggestions. That said, one of their biggest suggestions was to pay them to act as a middle man to get “legit” bloggers to blog about my site and …
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Strange site shows different title in searh results & in cache page? Jul 22, 2009
Hi all, I am facing a strange problem. When i search for site:www. in Google. It shows me my home page cached with just “Auto Driver” in title. When I show the same page cache by using cache view from Google search in cache page it shows me full title …
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Bing Search Algorithm? Jul 21, 2009
Does anybody has got any clue of search algorithm of Bing – The decision engine:) Is anybody here getting good amount of traffic from Bing? Cheers!
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