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Google Search Integration for AdSense Publishers
Webmaster World

“My understanding is that the integrated script would return a combination of AdSense results and organic results, and that the AdSense results will somehow be automatically branded with the AdSense publisher’s account identity. Meaning that the publisher’s account would get credit for the clicks received from these searches.”

Why Is PPC So High for “Gourmet Coffee”?
High Rankings Forum

“Click prices on anything like disposable contact lenses, wine, coffee, vitamins, creams and potions, golf balls, etc., are likely to continue to increase for some time to come. Some retailers are probably going to be fairly shortsighted about long-term ROI [return on investment” at this stage of the game. Some don’t even know what a business model is. By contrast, many of the big boys ‘get it.'”

Teoma’s Search Technology Summed Up
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Teoma ranks sites based on related communities of sites that are ‘organically organized’ and link to each other. It then determines which sites are most relevant based an authority factored, that is where Subject-Specific Popularity comes into play. Subject-Specific Popularity determines the authority of a site based on the number of pages that link to a page within the same subject.”

Google Reinclusion Service, Shouldn’t Google Offer Better Support?
High Rankings Forum

“I have to say that I find myself resenting the fact that I can’t get a response from a real person at Google telling us what the problem is. Being banned from Google is losing us from $10,000 to $20,000 a month. It’s no small matter. Why isn’t there a Google Re-Submission Service? It’s a fact, good sites get banned.”

Get High on Froogle
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Does anyone have a clear plan on how to get within those first 3 listings that appear on the Google results page? The thought: If I checked out the listing for a product before I uploaded a feed to Froogle, I would see the lowest price for that product and price my listing 1 penny lower. It seems to me that when a user sorts by price lowest to highest(who doesn’t do that?) that my product listing would almost always be first. Any thoughts on that?”

Customized Tracking URLs for Overture
High Rankings Forum

“Is there a way to assign keyword-specific URLs in Overture, without editing each keyword listing, one by one?”

Google Wants China
Instant Position Forums

“…Google is making an investment in one of China’s largest search engines…”

PPC Engine Content Partner Control
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The only PPC engine that offers ‘source exclusion’ functionality is Mirago, whereby a list of partners is readily available and choice as to who you want traffic from is offered. I believe that if all the major PPC engines offer this functionality, then it would certainly be a step in the right direction to unlocking the true conversion and ROI potential in ‘content-match’ type products.”

Does Alexa Ranking Factor In Any Main Algos?
High Rankings Forum

“Is there any evidence on the Alexa data being taken into account by the major algos – ie. Google, Yahoo… – when weighting page importance?”

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SearchDay Week in Review

The Art and Science of an Effective Link Building Campaign
SearchDay, June 9, 2004

Is it wrong to buy or sell links? How far is too far in optimizing your internal link structure? If you operate a network of sites, can natural interlinking be perceived as link spam? A group of experts offers answers to these questions, and more.

Search Engine Watch Forums Launched
SearchDay, June 8, 2004

Forums are a great way for people to share knowledge about search engines. Now there’s a new forum site joining the fun, one from Search Engine Watch itself.

A Search Engine for Pages You’ve Read
SearchDay, June 7, 2004

Having problems finding that web page you saw recently? A new tool makes it easy to recall everything you’ve seen on the web, automatically indexing all of this content and creating your own personal web archive.

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