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SEMPO Next Steps & Mike Grehan’s Second SEMPO Article
Search Engine Watch Forums

“From what I gather, members were complaining about communication from the SEMPO [Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization” board. How can getting feedback be hard when you don’t seek it in the first place?”

Overture Bidding Cap
Cre8asite Forums

“I intend to try Overture for a potential client of mine but I am hampered by Overture’s cap of $100 for maximum bid. One of the keywords I have to bid has already been $100 and I can’t bid higher to top my position because the cap. Have you guys ever been stopped by this cap doing your advertising?”

PPC [Pay Per Click” Question for Merchants
Webmaster World

“Do you let your affiliates compete with you?”

How to link to web sites?
High Rankings Forum

“To a search engine,, and can all be totally different websites. And they can be in fact, as well. You can do it on purpose or by accident.”

SEO Firm Ordered to Refund Fees, Pay Fine
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Looks like the days of promising top ten results may be ending.”

Tracking Past Links & Traffic?
High Rankings Forum

“Everyone thinks search engines are the only way to go- it’s time people started realizing that there are other (better) ways to get traffic.”

Google Settles Overture Patent Dispute
Webmaster World

“…I think Google got a sweet deal because it removes a major negative factor regarding the IPO [Initial Public Offering”. Even if it turns out down the road that Overture’s patent is invalid, they still come out ahead.”

Advice on Site Structure
Cre8asite Forums

“If you put them in the root and the site later grows to much more than originally envisioned, you’ll eventually feel the need to better organize. Moving the pages later WILL affect more than just yourself. If you put them in folders now and the site never grows, you will have lost little beyond the time required to create the folders…”

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SEMPO Next Steps & Mike Grehan’s Second SEMPO Article
SEO Firm Ordered to Refund Fees, Pay Fine
Overture bidding caps — I wish they could remove it.

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New Media Age Aug 12 2004 12:24PM GMT

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