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Details On New Yahoo Paid Listings System
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Sometime next year, Yahoo will launch a new paid listings system allowing for multiple creatives, ranking based on CPCxCTR and other changes.”

AdWords Smart Keyword Evaluation Is Live
Search Engine Watch Forums

“True, they are a for-profit company, with a really complicated rate card. But it’s their site, and their technology. They are a publisher that has the right to set prices on ads, as with many similar media businesses over the past century. Empire, schmempire. And the major broadcast networks (etc.) aren’t empires?”

Yahoo Local Beta Goes Live with Community Feature
Webmaster World

“I was suspicious and slightly bored by the concept, but when I looked at it, I found it… impressive. It’s taking the concept of your local independent weekly, and organizing all the local info into an easily scanned dashboard.”

Any Way to Manipulate Alexa Rankings?
Webmaster World

“Above 5k is pretty accurate and I can’t see someone manipulating it. (trust me – kick can – I’ve tried every trick known to trip it). Wouldn’t it be nice if MSN, AOL, or Google released their own traffic figures from their caches and toolbars…”

Optimizing For Typos
High Rankings Forum

“…how do you optimize the page for typos without using the typo … does it make sense ?”

New Google Layout – Dividing Up the Organic Top 10
High Rankings Forum

“To lay it out the way they have now, with the ‘Did You Mean’ type of hint, makes a lot of sense. If nothing else my first impression is that it will cause some folks to be a bit more specific with their next search.”

Avoiding Search Engine Penalties or Getting Out From Under Them
Small Business Ideas Forum

“…even if you follow all of the rules laid out in the article and in the various guidelines, there are still instances where your site will disappear from the index, and you will be pulling your hair out trying to figure it out. Was a complaint filed? Is there a bug in the system? Did a flag get placed in our database entries? An ‘oops’ moment?”

Google Blacklists
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The responsible thing isn’t to go off half-cocked at the news organization but rather acknowledge that if he’s concerned about his personal information being so accessible, as others are, so perhaps there’s something else that can be done. At the end of the day, anyone else can easily out him and in far more detail and far less responsibly than did.”

Is It Cheating?
High Rankings Forum

“Doesn’t matter how much you make now, it cannot make up for the zero dollars you will earn when you are banned from the program. Invest your efforts making your site as uniquely informative as possible, with AdSense included to complement your site design.”

Is This SEO Expert Trying To Fool Me?
High Rankings Forum

“The truth that many SEO [search engine optimization” companies don’t want their clients to know is that most of the work is done up front and once it is done and once you see decent rankings, there’s really not a whole lot more to do. Yeah, you can continue to build links, but one would hope that after a certain time period that your site is so good that it begins to retain its own natural links.”

Google Testing 3 Ads Above Search Results?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Looks like Google are testing clickthrough rates and revenue for 1 vs 2 vs 3 ads above search results. Seeing this across many competitive keywords that I monitor.”

Sergey Brin Says Yahoo’s Index Size Claim is Inflated
Webmaster World

“The numbers game is exactly that, a game. The most important questions are not about the quantity, but are about the quality of data stored, and the ability to deliver quality SERPs [search engine results pages”.”

Google ruled against in AdWords trade mark case
Webmaster World

“A US district court has ruled against Google in a trade mark action over the sale of the terms ‘Geico’ and ‘Geico Direct’ in AdWords, its keyword advertising service. The judge found that there was infringement where the terms were used in the text of sponsored ads.”

Keyword, SEO, Content
High Rankings Forum

“Use headings as they’re intended to be used — to give structure to your document and to make it easy for people to find the specific bit of information they might be seeking. The search engines will not get confused over what the page is about — unless you’ve written a confusing article to begin with.”

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