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Quality SEO Pays for Itself
By David Dalka
Quality SEO is a valuable activity that can dramatically transform profitability of a business. However, since this is not yet understood by many management team executives, it is often both undervalued and under-resourced.

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SEW Expert - Kevin Newcomb Kevin
Following the Nofollow Kerfuffle
Matt Cutts says Google changed its handling of nofollow last year, but no one noticed. Can that really be what happened?
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SEW Expert - Herndon Hasty Herndon
SEO Friendly Site Structure – If You Build it, Will They Come?
Your site’s content is at the heart of what your site will rank for, and how well it will rank. But visitors will only come if you’ve structured your information in a way that’s easy for visitors to navigate, and for search engines to understand.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric
Combining Trust and Relevance
When search engines measure the level at which they trust Web sites, and that trust is topic-specific. What’s that mean for new sections of a trusted Web site?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Facebook’s New Search Test Continues Faceoff with Twitter
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 18, 2009

Recently, Facebook launched a live feed, something many believed to be a move to compete with Twitter. Now, those competitive intentions seem even stronger with a new search test being rolled out by Facebook. A small, select group of Facebook users will have the opportunity to search content on the social …
» Continue reading Unveils Database of 300 Million Q&A Pairs
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 18, 2009

We’ve known for awhile now that Answers sites are on the rise. It’s the very core of search – finding answers to your questions or problems. Bing, Hunch, and Wolfram Alpha have all recently launched with the goal of providing answers quickly to searchers. is also recognizing the intentions of …
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Bing’s Bang Continues in Week Two
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 18, 2009

New data from comScore shows that Bing’s big bang launch in week one has carried over to week two. The percentage of internet users searching Bing continued to increase and the search share enjoyed a slight uptick as well. “It appears that Microsoft Bing has continued to generate interest from the …
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Facebook Overtakes MySpace in US Visits
Posted by Herndon Hasty Jun 18, 2009

After surpassing MySpace (and all other social networks) in worldwide visits last year, comScore is reporting that Facebook put the final points on the board in May needed to pass MySpace’s US traffic. This adds to a good week for Facebook – which recently launched its vanity URL program, hit 1 …
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Live Search’s Last Month a Bummer But Bing Shows Promise According to Nielsen
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 18, 2009

May 2009 was the last full month of Microsoft’s Live Search and it certainly did not go out with a bang. It was the only one of the top 5 search engines to experience negative growth year-over-year. But Bing’s early June launch shows early promise for Microsoft’s new “decision engine.”
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Searchme Launches Search Advertising Program Out of Beta
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 18, 2009

In February, visual search engine Searchme began testing a search advertising program in a closed beta. Now, the ad program is officially launching to all interested advertisers. Searchme’s results offer up images of website pages, which provides search marketers with an opportunity to include more design concepts into their campaigns. “We’ve basically …
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MySpace Layoffs to Affect 30% of Workers
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 18, 2009

Major cuts have come to MySpace in the form of a 30% reduction in its workforce. The layoffs come after upheaval at Fox Interactive Media, a division of News Corp. Fox Interactive Media as a whole announced a 5% workforce in January. In March, former AOL CEO Jonathan Miller was tapped …
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Google AdSense Adds 9 Currencies, Map Overlay for Feeds
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 18, 2009

Google AdSense has a couple of updates you’ll want to know about. First, 9 currencies are now available for reporting. Publishers in the following countries can now view their earnings in their local currency: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, UK. Prior to enabling a local currency, Google recommends backing up past reports in U.S. dollars. The second …
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Yahoo! Mobile Adds Nine Countries, 100 Devices
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 18, 2009

Yahoo! is enabling their mobile page ( for nine additional countries. They are: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy. This brings the grand total to 17 countries with access to the Yahoo! mobile page. “We’re thrilled with the consumer adoption of Yahoo! as a starting point to the Internet experience on mobile devices,” said David Ko, senior vice …
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Google Maps for Android Gets Voice Search, Transit Directions, and Latitude Update
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 18, 2009

Google is releasing an update to their Maps product for Android phones. With the update comes new features: Voice Search, Transit Directions and Latitude Update. Voice search is a great addition because typing is tedious on mobile devices. Plus, if you’re walking, it’s much easier to talk to your phone than …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Defamation from Google Suggest and Yahoo! Suggest Jun 17, 2009
What can you do to defend yourself and your company against egregious cases of merit-less Google Suggest and Yahoo! Suggest defamation? (mislabeling you/your company a scam) What if all the normal reputation management strategies (blogging, articles, videos, social networking, etc.) are futile? Are there any credible reputation management firms that could uncover …
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Adwords KW Tool vs Search Based KW Tool Jun 16, 2009
I have recently been using the new Search Based KW Tool from Google as a supplement to the SEO Tool KW Tool. However I was comparing some numbers given by the Search-Based Tool against some numbers given by the Adwords KW Tool and they are worlds apart. How …
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Any changes in adCenter PPC Results? Jun 15, 2009
Now that Bing has been live for a couple weeks and the novelty has worn off some, I’m wondering if anyone is seeing any different results in their adCenter PPC – more traffic, better conversions, anything else? We are seeing some definite increases in traffic with conversion rates holding steady for …
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