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SEW Expert - Jason Tabeling Jason

Bing Ads Show Strength in Key Verticals
While Bing’s market share has increased overall, it’s search ads are proving to be particularly strong in two key verticals: financial services and retail. Volume is up, as is advertiser competition, driving up cost per click.
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

5 Essential Skills of In-House Link Marketers
Link marketing requires a skill set that combines multiple disciplines. Not every link marketer will excel at all five of these skills, but the more proficient they are in each area, the more likely they will be to succeed.
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

Granularity in Landing Page Optimization
Between changing a button color or font size and completely redesigning a landing page, there’s a continuum of possible changes to test. Changing the granularity of your tests allows you to include your important ideas while keeping test sizes reasonable.
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Google Acquires reCAPTCHA; Plans to Use Technology for Books and Archives
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2009

If you’ve ever had to type in a bunch of funny looking letters and/or numbers when registering for a site or making a purchase online, then you’ve experienced CAPTCHA. Google has now acquired reCAPTCHA, a provider of the secure measure. What sets reCAPTCHA apart from other providers is that it uses …
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Want to Move Product this Holiday Season? Offer Free Shipping
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2009

Hitwise has released data showing how the term “free shipping” trends over time. Not surprisingly, it tends to spark just before the holidays. Notice how the term spikes even higher as the years go by. Also, Hitwise says the peak for “free shipping” when online consumers are looking for great post-holiday …
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Confused About Bid Simulator? Let Google’s Chief Economist Explain
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2009

Last month, Google launched Bid Simulator in AdWords. The idea behind the simulator is to calculate whether or not spending more or less would be more cost-effective. Let’s say you’re paying $0.50 per click. The Bid Simulator can show how much more you would have to pay to get more …
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Bing Adds Emmy Award Info to Instant Answers
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2009

For those of you into the popularity contest prestigious television award ceremony known as the Emmy’s, you can use Bing to keep track of the goings on of the star-studded program and red carpet fashion when it happens this Sunday, September 20 at 8pm EST. Simply type in “Emmy Awards” into …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

similar external links – one way/two way Sep 17, 2009
If two sites having very similar content are linked to each other, is this a benefit or a danger? One site encompasses broad topics, with sections of specialty, while the other site contains one of those specialties as its dedicated content. *Should the ‘broad’ site link to the ‘specialty’ site*: – same …
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page titles and tags – similarities Sep 15, 2009
I’ve noticed sites doing multiple pages having exact same titles with sequenced tags, like: ‘Search Engine Marketing’ .com/search-engine-marketing.htm ‘Search Engine Marketing’ .com/search-engine-marketing*2*.htm ‘Search Engine Marketing’ .com/search-engine-marketing*3*.htm And these pages contain links to the other pages that basically name the subtitles/page content which is different on each page. Is there really any danger in this practice or having pages …
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URL Sitemap in footer. Bad idea? Sep 14, 2009
I have my sitemap in the footer to allow google to keep crawling (no not my xml sitemap just all urls.) The url site map has around 4,000 category level links. Could having this on the bottom of every page cause googlebot to time out and not crawl more of …
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