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Google Goes Into Radio
Webmaster World

“The primary offering on their site is search and always will be. That’s what they grew on, and then with offering advertising acquired a huge customer base. There’s just so far they can go on that, and what it looks like now is that they’re starting with the original commercial advert offering and expanding more toward functioning as a multi-channel media company.”

Click Fraud Report Gets Laugh From Yahoo Rep
Search Engine Watch Forums

Search Engine Watch Forums member Discovery is not impressed that when reporting what seemed to be a serious click fraud incident, his Yahoo rep laughed at the idea of legal action.”

Hit Counters to Boost Rankings — Is This Accepted?
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“I’m being pressured by the higher ups at my company to figure out a way of link building like our competitor has with their use of the web hit counter . . . what are other ways that companies do this? What else do people offer for free that contain links?”

Workaround of More Domains Pointing to One
High Rankings Forum

“There’s nothing wrong with having a duplicate domain if you’re not interested in getting it spidered. They don’t penalize for it, they just don’t show it.”

Quaero to Take Europe By Storm?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Worried that Europe might be lacking on the search technology front, the Quaero project aims to take on American search might.”

Tracking Down Stolen / Duplicate Content Through Google
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Has someone helped themselves to your content? How to seek and destroy using Google.”

Yahoo’s Latest Results Disappoint
Webmaster World

“Their stock price was very high because Wall Street expected way above average growth. When Wall Street didn’t get it, the stock pulled back. Even with that, Yahoo is valued at $50 Billion–not exactly cheap.”

Google Web Accelerator Beta
High Rankings Forum

“No one should be using that software. It hammers Web servers and uses up bandwidth and resources needlessly, not to mention clouding our server logs with unreal fetches that no living human ever looks at. …You are NOT doing anyone any favors by using that service.”

Most Common Search Engine Un-Friendly Mistakes You See
Small Business Ideas Forum

“I have put in a lot of hours as a link builder and time and time again I will see a fantastic site that with just a tiny bit of tweaking would give there site a big boost with bots, indexing, etc.”

What To Do When Clients Just Don’t Get It?
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“They still want to understand about SEO [search engine optimization” and how it works. And they never get it. Now what? Fire them? They are still paying. They are just frustrating.”

What is Wrong with Yahoo Search?
Webmaster World

“What bugs you about Yahoo Search and how would you suggest that it be fixed?”

Are Sponsored Results in Google Maps / Local a Good Thing?
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“In general, I like the idea of paid results shown in blue (just so they don’t use them on my mashups). Paid results are more likely to be relevant because the advertiser must have something of interest or he / she would not be paying.”

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