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A Beta-Tester’s Take on Quigo AdSonar
Webmaster World

“There has been a lot of talk about AdSense alternatives for a while now, and basically the conclusions have always been the same – there is nothing valid out there. That’s about to change.”

Help? I’m Kinda Stumped
High Rankings Forum

“You say the affiliate sites have built up unique content and are doing things well- are they just optimized better? More inbound links from ‘important’ pages? Google doesn’t understand the business relationships between sites in order to favor the ‘main’ site over an affiliate site. It sounds to me like there might be more to it… there’s typically a logical explanation.”

What’s the latest on Ah-Ha and goClick?
Webmaster World

“The traffic is definitely not the same as on Overture or Google but what is? goClick gets very little traffic to my campaigns but I have had conversions so I’ll keep giving them my money. is the same way only with more traffic.”

Dealing With a Penalized Domain Name
Webmaster World

“I know this domain was registered at one point before I got it but I don’t think there was ever a site launched. I have seen some reference to an expired domain penalty but have not been able to find much information on it.”

This New [Google” Broad Matching “Feature”…
Webmaster World

“Any initial reactions? More high quality traffic or just junk traffic?”

Google Rolls Out Keyword Conversion Tool
Webmaster World

“A more important question is whether the conversion tool is a harbinger of greater advertiser control and flexibility down the line. Will advertisers be able to select the content sites where they want their ads to appear (e.g., by include or exclude filters like the advertiser-exclusion filters that AdSense publishers currently have)?”

Search Engine Friendly Shopping Carts
Webmaster World

“I get asked quite often to optimise ecommerce sites. The problem is that many ecommerce packages make links that are unspiderable. Some of the problems include URL parameters and session ID problems. …So I’m throwing down the Gauntlet, does anyone know of any other truly search engine friendly shopping cart packages?”

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SearchDay Week in Review

A “Fireside Chat” with Google’s Sergey Brin
SearchDay, Oct. 16, 2003

Is Google God? When will the company finally go public? Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan poses these and other questions to Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

A Multi-Faceted Phone Directory Lookup Tool
SearchDay, Oct. 15, 2003

Argali is a powerful directory lookup application that allows you to search and aggregate results from several web-based phone and email address databases.

New Developments In Local Search: Part 1, Moves By Overture
SearchDay, Oct. 14, 2003

Local searching on web-wide search engines can be disappointing. New moves by some major players may improve this. This first of a three-part series looks at local search listings that Overture is testing.

British Pathe Develops Huge Historic Picture Archive
SearchDay, Oct. 13, 2003

British Pathe is offering free access to a digitized collection of more than 12 million historic photographs from its 20th century cinema newsreel archive.

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Apple iTunes Does Windows… and AOL Oct 17 2003 4:10AM GMT
Verisign Sells Domain Registration Biz Oct 17 2003 4:04AM GMT
Google keeps its hardware cheap, simple
IDGNet New Zealand Oct 17 2003 1:35AM GMT
Legal music downloads a ‘certainty’
IDGNet New Zealand Oct 17 2003 1:35AM GMT
Yahoo CEO Semel Realizes $14.6M Windfall Oct 17 2003 0:44AM GMT
Google France fined for trademark violation
CNET Oct 16 2003 6:13PM GMT
Make Your Site Search Engine Crawler-friendly
High Rankings Oct 16 2003 2:48PM GMT
Researchers Hope to Improve Web Searches Oct 16 2003 2:44PM GMT
Consumer Reports’ site to allow purchases
CNET Oct 16 2003 2:40PM GMT
Economists on the Internet
Research Buzz Oct 16 2003 11:46AM GMT
Children are internet experts
Guardian Unlimited Oct 16 2003 10:26AM GMT
Advertisers attack Google over Adwords enhancement
New Media Age Oct 16 2003 10:09AM GMT
VeriSign to restart controversial ‘404’ redirect service Oct 16 2003 9:15AM GMT
DoubleClick Upgrades DARTmail Platform Oct 16 2003 5:13AM GMT
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