SearchDay Week In Review

Yahoo and Your Personal Information
SearchDay, July 17, 2003

Yahoo’s public records search offers very basic information, but for a fee, you might be surprised at all of the information about yourself that can be found online.

Optimizing Keywords for Search Engines
SearchDay, July 16, 2003

New to search engine optimization? Here’s how to get started with selecting the most search engine friendly keywords and phrases that can help visitors find your site.

Yahoo To Buy Overture
SearchDay, July 15, 2003

Yahoo is to acquire Overture by the end of 2003, in a move that has repercussions throughout the search landscape.

Measuring Search Engine Marketing ROI
SearchDay, July 14, 2003

Spending on search engine marketing is rising dramatically, yet surprisingly few companies are measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Should we continue to use Dmoz?
ihelpyou Forums
“As far as being relevant, in my own personal opinion, it will continue to be important as long as other engines regard it as important and Google uses a copy of it as their own directory.”

Removing a redirected URL
Webmaster World
“I currently have the URL redirecting (301) to my main URL, Somehow, Google picked up and is now listing both and…”

Breaking Google dependency
Cre8asite Forums
“Perhaps try to get some traditional PR (not pagerank) for your site and your business, and look into other ways you can advertise it so that you’re not totally dependent upon Google.”

Mozilla Foundation, impact on ODP?
Open Directory Forums
“The ODP has never been part of the Mozilla project, it’s really a Netscape add-on that used the Mozilla name to gain credibility. The ODP stays with Netscape, and the recent changes to the Mozilla Foundation will have no effect on dmoz.”

H1 versus font size +3
ihelpyou Forums
“Headings vs. Bold Text: Headings good, bold text better than plain text but not as good as headings.”

Yahoo to acquire Overture
ihelpyou Forums
“One way to eliminate your competition is to buy it at rock bottom prices. Considering that about 50% of the purchase is covered by its recent low interest bond issue I have to believe they aren’t finished yet…”

Yahoo to acquire Overture
Webmaster World
“My main fear is actually that Yahoo get carried away with their PPC [pay per click” ownership, and wreck their search experience as a result.”

Disappointed with targeted Adsense ads
Webmaster World
“…if publishers could include keywords and/or other clues for the MediaPartner bot, the targeting would be even better–and both Google and the publisher would profit from the improvement.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Yahoo’s CEO exercised options, sold 500,000 shares
Reuters Jul 18 2003 1:12PM GMT
Overture to a patent war?
CNET Jul 18 2003 11:45AM GMT
The new Lycos: ‘Nicole?’
Netimperative Jul 18 2003 11:32AM GMT
Overture, HP Strengthen Ties Jul 18 2003 10:34AM GMT
Top Internet portals issue convertible bonds
China Daily Jul 18 2003 7:06AM GMT
Shopping Search Engines Starting To Click
Investors Business Daily Jul 18 2003 7:04AM GMT
The Yahoo-Overture Acquisition: The What and The Why July 17, 2003
web ad.vantage Jul 18 2003 1:21AM GMT
Internet advertising
The Economist Jul 17 2003 5:45PM GMT
Load Time Tip: Align Tables For Faster Pages
Net Mechanic Jul 17 2003 8:35AM GMT
Yahoo Japan heads for big list
BBC Jul 17 2003 7:07AM GMT
Fight against e-commerce patent gathers steam
Sydney Morning Herald Jul 17 2003 6:34AM GMT
A Hand-Held Portal to Musical Delights
New York Times Jul 17 2003 5:45AM GMT
Playing with Google
New Scientist Jul 17 2003 1:53AM GMT
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