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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage
Obama’s Link Strategy Fuels Election Victory
Internet link love proves more powerful than old-school politics in the 2008 election, thanks in part to a visionary social networking election strategy. What can we learn about online marketing from studying presidential politics?
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SEW Expert - David Szetela David
The Account Quality Score: Money Pit for the Uninformed
In Google AdWords, an ad’s Quality Score calculation is based on how well the account’s campaigns have performed over time, especially in terms of CTR. So what happens with new accounts? Since there’s no CTR data on which to base QS, how does Google determine minimum bids?
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin
Suing Google over Yahoo
Yahoo’s last ditch effort to generate additional revenue and thwart a hostile purchase from Microsoft might have provided sufficient impetus for a partnership six months ago, but we’re a long way from the world we all knew then. The government, consumer watchdogs, and advertisers are all raising opposition to the Google-Yahoo ad deal. The drama is far from over.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric
Social Media Link Building: From Fantasy to Reality
Sometimes, a company’s marketing efforts can have an unintentional impact from a link building perspective. Such is the case with this fantasy sports community site focused on building communities in Facebook and other social media environments.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Yang Says Microsoft Deal is Best Bet for Yahoo
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 6, 2008

Jerry Yang told attendees at the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday that a deal with Microsoft is still the best option for Yahoo. To which I say: Then why didn’t you accept the $31 per share acquisition offer made earlier this year? And then I read this: “People who know me know I …
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Wordtracker Launches â””Keyword Questionsâ””
Posted by Greg Jarboe Nov 6, 2008

Wordtracker has launched â””Keyword Questions,â”” a free tool that letâ””s webmasters and SEOs find the specific questions that people type into search engines. The answers to these questions can provide interesting web copy and could pick up a lot of search traffic. According to Ken McGaffin, Chief Marketing …
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YouTube Adds Search to Embeddable Videos
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 6, 2008

YouTube is adding search and 3 other features to embeddable videos. The search feature will appear at the end of videos that are embedded on other sites. The other features are things you’ve seen if you visit YouTube’s site but were not previously available for the embeds: High-quality start images (thumbnails)Integrated video …
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Q3 Earnings for MySpace, interCLICK and Answers Corp.
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 6, 2008

Earnings are in for MySpace (owned by NewsCorp), interCLICK, and Answers Corporation. The three advertising revenue-based companies had mixed results. NewsCorp reported that Fox Interactive Media, of which MySpace is the primary web property, saw a 17% gain. However, that’s still a 57% drop from the previous quarter. NewsCorp president Rupert …
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Google Terminates Yahoo Advertising Partnership
Posted by Frank Watson Nov 5, 2008

Yahoo announced that Google has decided to terminate its advertising partnership with Yahoo, “following indication from the Department of Justice that it would seek to block it, despite Yahoo!â””s proposed revisions to address the DOJâ””s concerns,” the Yahoo press release stated. While I understand Google does not want to add another …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Flash website Nov 6, 2008
Would flash website indexed on google. If not what is the solution. I want to build a flash website but same time am looking search engine optimization…
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Google Gets Coyote Arm the Next Morning Nov 5, 2008
Yes, yes, I know it was Microsoft that forced the DOJ to investigate the deal so intensively Google just had to pull out. Or did Google step in as a dancing partner and made Googely eyes just long enough to stave off the competition from stealing the prize away, then made …
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Internal link structure Nov 5, 2008
If page A links to page B with 3 links (top nav, bottom nav, and in text), does page B gets 3 “votes” and page A counts 3 outbound links, or the number to the outbound links to the same target is irrelevant for both A and B pages?
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