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GenieKnows Its Verticals
by Jim Hedger
Halifax-based search engine has slugged it out in the second tiers of the search engine universe since its founding in 1999. About two years ago, rather than get into a fight it knew it couldn’t win, and to appeal to its strongest markets, GenieKnows went vertical.
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Search Engine Watch Experts Columns

Search Engine Watch Expert - Justilien Gaspard
Think Links from New Sites Have Little Value? Think Again
» LINK LOVE: Link building strategies for SEO success
It’s often assumed that new sites haven’t earned enough trust in Google to pass real value. But if you flatly skip over links from new sites, you’re losing out on immense opportunities. Think of it as investing in the stock market. Look for undervalued, or unnoticed, sites that have a high likelihood of rising in popularity.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Erik Qualman
Live Search Cashback vs. Google: A Case Study
» BRAND EQUITY: Increasing brand value, customer trust, and profits
It’s an interesting marketing concept, but how do the Live Search results measure up to Google, the de-facto search engine standard? A test of product-based queries on each finds the results promising, but mixed.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Will FriendFeed Change the Face of Search?
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Steve Rubel suggests that the real power of FriendFeed lies in searching among a network of trusted friends, along with a whole advertising strategy built around it.
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Yahoo! to Integrate Right Media and AMP Ad Management Platforms, But When?
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Yahoo! is planning to combine their AMP and Right Media ad management platforms. But the question is when, and the answer is vague at best.
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Yahoo! Partners with Coupon Inc. for Mobile Coupons
Posted by Nathania Johnson
While the mobile coupon market is relatively new, the strategy is expected to be a fruitful source of revenue for mobile publishers.
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Google Custom Search Creates New Developer Guide
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Google Custom Search has created a new developer guide, which is now available at the Google Code site.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Search: The next five years
Posted by Mike Grehan
As personalized search begins to get more traction, search engines will be able to get a much better picture of the end user search behavior. And then they will be able to tailor results according to the preferred vertical/content type.
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SEO & SEM Tools?
Posted by McAnerin
I don’t need “submission software,” “page critics,” and “doorway generators” – these are useless crutches for people who don’t know any better, and generally result in spam and damaged rankings, rather than being helpful or useful.
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Spanning text vs. using ALT descriptions for images
Posted by clickagent75
I noticed that some sites use with a CSS style of DISPLAY: NONE to contain text about an image, but it’s not visible to a user. How’s this different than using an ALT tag to describe the image?
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