Highlights from the SEW Blog: Mar. 1, 2006

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Yahoo Sues Ex-Employee for Stolen Trade Secrets

The Associate Press reports Yahoo sues former workers, alleging trade secrets were stolen(link to Mercury News). The employee allegedly provided “entertainment and information tailored for wireless phones” information to MForma Group Inc.

Department of Justice Rejects Google’s Claims of Privacy Threat

Internet.com reports that the Department of Justice said; Google Search Request Not a Privacy Threat. The reason it is not a privacy threat, they claim, is because they are not asking for specific user data that can be associated back to any individual user.

“No individual user of Google, or of any other search engine, need fear that his or her personal identifying will be disclosed,” according to the government brief.

Gary Price has a link to the full brief.

Windows Launches Live Expo

The Microsoft folks announced the launch of Windows Live Expo. Windows Live Expo is a “dynamic social listing service that allows members to find and sell items, discover information, and meet other parties in their area.” Sounds a lot to me like Craigslist. Gary Price has a summarywhere he lists down the feature sets.

Reports from Search Engine Strategies New York: Day One

Like Gary did in the past, I will be posting the roundups for the Search Engine Roundtable coverage here.

Day one of Search Engine Strategies New York:

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Reports from Search Engine Strategies New York: Day Two

Day two of the Search Engine Strategies New York is over now. I did not post any coverage of last night’s Ask.com party, so let me send you to three places that have reviews of it. The first is from the official Ask blog under the title of Code Red Party Recap, the second is from Lee Odden and the third I have found is from Search Views.

Now for the session coverage roundup over at the Search Engine Roundtable:

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A Look at Google Payments in Action

TechCrunch has exclusive look at Google payments. One thing to note is that you do not need a Google Account to use Google Payments. More on this next week, after SES.

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