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Ecommerce Optimization – HELP
Cre8asite Forums

“…since I am a newbie at site design and marketing, I would really like to know what works and how we can boost our sales and popularity. I know, I know, its a Flash site but I think the plugin is getting more and more accepted.”

Do You Make Your Pages Accessible?
High Rankings Forum

“Out of curiosity, how many of us make an effort to make our pages accessible as per W3C?”

A Snapshot of the dmoz Unreviewed Queue
Webmaster World

“…when dmoz editors tell you to submit a guidelines-compliant title and description so that it stands out from all the rubbish in the unreviewed pool, you can trust them that that’s extremely good advice.”

Which Bid Management Tools Do You Use?
High Rankings Forum

“I would be very interested to hear which bid management tools others used or indeed methods people used to remain efficient without the need for software tools to manage campaigns.”

How Should I Form URLs, Dynamic vs. Static?
Webmaster World

“…yes Google has gotten pretty decent at following dynamic links but why would you want to chance it when you have the ability to make them static? And don’t forget, there are other SE’s out there besides Google who aren’t as adept yet.”

Using Tools To Monitor Rankings, Can It Harm Your listings?
High Rankings Forum

“So no, rank checking shouldn’t cause a rank decrease at Google, if you are caught. But having said that, rank checking might attract attention to your site — and if you are doing other things that Google doesn’t like in terms of content, then that might get you booted or penalized.”

Will Looksmart Be Able to Survive Without MSN? Forums

“Somewhere I read that even if MSN does successfully create its own search engine, they will still be using LookSmart and have no plans at the present time to discontinue that relationship. Should be interesting to see what develops in the long term, but even Google uses another source for its directory (ODP), so there is some precedent there for using both a directory and a search engine.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Search Engine Milestones for August 2003
SearchDay, Sept. 4, 2003

Notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month.

Search Engine Size Wars & Google’s Supplemental Results
SearchDay, Sept. 3, 2003

Who has the biggest index? The search engine size wars have erupted again to dispute this — and the new Google supplemental index is complicating matters.

Dogpile Sports a Fetching New Look
SearchDay, Sept. 2, 2003

Meta search engine Dogpile received a major upgrade today, offering a slick new interface and some significant performance enhancements.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

eBay silences song auction
ZDNet Sep 5 2003 0:11AM GMT
Lawmakers: Domain name oversight too lax
CNET Sep 4 2003 11:18PM GMT
Google: Pick a language Sep 4 2003 9:44PM GMT
Lycos mail knocked out
CNET Sep 4 2003 9:13PM GMT
Spammers Beware, Jail and Fines Beckon
Reuters Sep 4 2003 6:52PM GMT
Overture Prepares for Yahoo Acquisition
Opt-in News Sep 4 2003 3:24PM GMT
Where To Find Best Reviews And Info About Best Live Collaboration Tools? Ask Google! Sep 4 2003 2:47PM GMT
AOL-MSN outage leaves questions
CNET Sep 4 2003 12:28PM GMT
Protecting your domain name
Infomatics Sep 4 2003 11:33AM GMT
Whittlebit Search Engine
Research Buzz Sep 4 2003 9:17AM GMT
Domain name deception man arrested Sep 4 2003 9:03AM GMT
Image Search Engines
About Web Search Sep 4 2003 6:29AM GMT
FOI may reveal banned website list
Courier Mail Sep 4 2003 5:56AM GMT
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