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New Google “Bigdaddy” Infrastructure Live
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google’s new ‘Bigdaddy’ web search infrastructure is now live at special data centers and open for testing and feedback before migrating and becoming ‘regular Google’ in the next month or two.”

Google to offer Video, Software Downloads
Webmaster World

“As part of a major upgrade to Google’s video-search service, consumers will be able to pay to download and view videos, such as television shows, on their computer from Google content partners such as TV companies, according to the newspaper report. Google plans to announce partnerships with some major players, including CBS Corp. and the National Basketball Association…”

Fortune 500 Sites Use Hidden Text To Fool Search Engines
High Rankings Forum

“The important thing that all SEOs should understand, however, is that it is their job to tell their client what is acceptable practice or not.”

Bad Reasons To Want A Top Ranking
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Top rankings = top sales. For many, that’s the reason to be in the top search results. But top rankings = investors will love you?”

What’s The Best Way To Price SEO?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Charge by the hour, per rank, per click — how do you or should you charge for SEO [search engine optimization”?”

Web Directory 2.0
Webmaster World

“I’ve read that doubleclick is Web 1.0 as AdSense is Web 2.0, and Geocities is Web 1.0 as MySpace is Web 2.0. I don’t know if I should suggest that the DMOZ might be Web 1.0, but what would make a web directory Web 2.0?”

What Does Search Engine See In An RSS Feed
High Rankings Forum

“I’m wondering if a search engine can see the URL in an RSS feed. Or do search engines like RSS feeds because people are actually putting them into web sites and the search engines find them that way?”

Link Tracking
High Rankings Forum

“What I’d like to do is have the capability of adding a tracking URL in each of the articles I write so I can tell how much traffic each one is sending me and how many of those visitors actually buy something.”

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iMedia Connection Jan 5 2006 11:01PM GMT
Multilingual Search, site covering search engines world wide
Pandia Jan 5 2006 10:53PM GMT
Google’s Bigdaddy Data Center
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Masters of their Domains
CNN Money Jan 5 2006 10:48PM GMT
Yahoo Podcasts adds vidcasts
Niall Kennedy Jan 5 2006 10:47PM GMT
MrSapo Tweaks Its Appearance
Search Engine Watch Jan 5 2006 10:47PM GMT
Gates Dings Google, Yet Fails To Impress On Search Himself
Search Engine Watch Jan 5 2006 10:44PM GMT
Google Analytics still off limits to new users
Computerworld Jan 5 2006 9:38PM GMT
Search Engine Marketing: Top Five Eye-Tracking Laboratory Test Results
Marketing Sherpa Jan 5 2006 2:59AM GMT
The Truth About Click Fraud
WebGuerrilla Jan 4 2006 8:50PM GMT

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