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PageRank Is Not Dead
Cre8asite Forums

“If you want to see how important SEOs [search engine optimization professionals” consider page rank to be, stand up at a conference and offer a free link from your PR9 site to the first person who wants it. You’ll get killed in the crush.”

Site Map Generator?

“I think it is a good thing to bung it out automatically and then run through it with corrections that are obvious.. it is also a good way to check things like: structure, overview titles/descriptions etc.”

How Much Does Your Adwords Position Impact Click-Through Rate?
High Rankings Forum

“Thoughts or ideas on the importance of position? Obviously, if position is not as important as we think it is, then we can bid less and increase our ROI.”

Google Launches Image Ads
High Rankings Forum

“…I don’t think it is going to work out by serving low click, brand building ads through AdSense publishers. We won’t go for it (obviously) because we are being paid on a per click basis.”

Google Groups Updates Usenet Reader Features
Webmaster World

“…a variety of new features, including the ability to create, search, and browse email mailing lists, subscribe to and track favorite groups.”

My Content Network Has Taken Over My Search Network
Webmaster World

“…since targeting is being refined and improved over time (plus new partner sites are added every day) it may be worthwhile to opt-in again from time to time, and let it run for a week – just to see if contextual ads might perform better in your present than they did in your past.”

People Edited Niche Directories?
Cre8asite Forums

“Niche directories … can often provide better relevance than search engines due to their tight focus and selective editorial control.”

Turning Off AdSense Until You Are Big Enough
Webmaster World

“Would it be bettter/safer for me just to turn off my AdSense ads until my site is large enough and popular enough to not be so quickly removed from the Google program? And if so, what is a good level of traffic to turn if back on again?”

Spam Rules Require Effective Spam Police
High Rankings Forum

“I just don’t see how someone who ‘manipulates’ listings to get a higher result for their legitimate product or service is doing deceptive advertising. It surely is not deceiving the consumer if the product is of good quality and is a great price… The search engine has ranked it according to it’s own ranking mechanism and if it likes hidden text, link farms and other rubbish methods – that speaks volumes for the quality of the search engine – and nothing else.”

Fraudulent Clicks Today
Best Practices Forums

“Any of us that use AdWords or any other PPC has to pay for a certain percentage of fraudulent clicks. I factor it in as a cost of doing business.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Google Offers Banners & Image Ads — But Not On Google Itself
SearchDay, May 13, 2004

Google has debuted a new graphical ad option for its advertisers — the ability to run banners, skyscrapers and other image-based ad units. However, these ads won’t run on Google itself.

Google Groups Adds Mailing Lists & Other Features, Competes With Yahoo Groups
SearchDay, May 12, 2004

Google has added new mailing list creation functionality to its Google Groups service, giving it a capability that competes directly with the Yahoo Groups service.

Is It Really Personalized Search?
SearchDay, May 12, 2004

Both search and social networking are hot! But don’t assume that new sites offering both types of services necessarily provide something else that’s hot — search personalization.

Google Launches Official Google Blog, Not Blog Search
SearchDay, May 11, 2004

Google has launched its own official blog, promising much insight about the company though not yet delivering much. The company also says it has no news about long-discussed plans to offer blog or web feed searching at Google.

Google Overhauls Blogger
SearchDay, May 10, 2004

Google has launched an improved version of Blogger, the first major upgrade to the the popular web log service in nearly four years.

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Bookmarklet for Searching Google News…
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Yahoo Inc. is powerful, confident, despite Google…
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Yahoo raises goals, discounts competitive threats: ‘All we want to do is win’…
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NYSE, Nasdaq fight over Google…
Financial Post May 14 2004 12:08PM GMT
Local media face growing threat from local search competitors…
Online Recruitment May 14 2004 12:06PM GMT
Search engines strike back at adware firm…
ZDNet May 14 2004 12:05PM GMT
Google Groups up on Yahoo… May 14 2004 11:11AM GMT
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