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Reporting Click Fraud to Google AdSense
Webmaster World

“If you know a publisher engaging in click fraud and generating invalid clicks, you can now report the publisher by going to his or her site, clicking on the ‘Ads by Google’ and including ‘invalid clicks’ in the comment field. You can remain anonymous, or include your email address when you submit it.”

Google Sitemaps One Month Later
Search Engine Watch

“Something else that appears to be cool with Google Sitemaps is that it appears to take pages out of the supplemental results. I just recently added a sitemap for one of my sites that was fully in the supplemental index and a few days later half the pages got taken out.”

Future of Web Directories
High Rankings Forum

“I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing directories move towards an model. Sort of a combination of blog and directory. Where there are links and content that are focused around different niches.”

White Hat Now In The Cesspool?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…you have to plan so that if Google switched off tomorrow you’d still have a living. However white hat you may be I wouldn’t trust any of the search engines to be your friend.”

Is There Such A Thing As Spam Anymore?
High Rankings Forum

“In the days when you had to physically submit your spammy pages to the engines, then I would contend you were spamming them. But what about now? I just can’t see how what you upload on your server and link to can be considered spamming the engines.”

Can We Pimp Your Site?
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Ever wonder what would happen if some of the best search marketers in the business had a chance to overhaul your site with a complete SEM [search engine marketing” makeover? Well, here’s your chance to find out.”

Google Teaser Problems
High Rankings Forum

“When searching for my company’s name in Google, it picks up a two line teaser that not only is not in any meta tag includes, but is not in the home page code, nor anywhere else on the site (that I can find through the search engine). Any ideas?”

Is It An AdSense Catch 22 When YPN Launches?
Webmaster World

“…if many current advertisers moved to YPN [Yahoo Publisher Network”, let’s say 20% for argument’s sake, and if AdSense were to manage to get scrapers more under control, would that actually mean for the remaining AdSense publishers an increase in EPC [earnings per click” owing to far fewer advertising opportunities being available?”

How Much Is An AdSense Website Worth?
Webmaster World

“How could you calculate how much is a website worth based on the potential of PPC [pay per click” advertising and affiliate programs?”

Google’s First Click Free
Search Engine Watch Forums

“New details of Google’s plan to include ‘premium’ content locked behind free and paid registration walls as part of regular search results are emerging.”

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