Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Concerns Over New Google Tool
High Rankings Forum

“I have given Google exactly Zero permission to do anything with My Visitors and My Customers once they’ve reached my site. …they’re stealing my traffic and my potential income by fooling people into thinking they’re clicking on a link that leads to another page in my site. How easy is that? Google are thieves.”

Sued for Blackhat SEO?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Since all search engines have different tolerances for SEO [search engine optimization” techniques, can someone really sue over this? What if the SEO optimizes for MSN and Yahoo and inadvertently gets his client banned from Google?”

Pay Per Call: The Other PPC
High Rankings Forum

“…I wonder if anyone here has any experience with this advertising model.”

Little Guy Sued Over Generic Name Use
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Does anyone have any information on how enforceable demands like this are? Can a company really trademark generic names? Where is the case law? What kind of attorney, if any, does a person use for this type of case?”

Accidentally Uploaded the Wrong Robots.txt file
Best Practices Forums

“…we accidentally uploaded a robots.txt file that disallowed all robots. Yes, I know, stupid beyond belief, but it’s done now… This month, although the pages are still in Google’s index, their cached versions have been deleted and all rankings have disappeared. …can I tell the client with confidence that this is just a one-month glitch?”

Getting an Education in Search Engine Marketing
Small Business Ideas Forum

“What are your favorite sites for the industry? Any wonderful newsletters that some of us may not have heard of? How did you get your search marketing education?”

International Links Discounted?
Cre8asite Forums

“I’ve encountered someone that claims if you have a site located in one country and there are links to it from sites located in other countries that those links won’t help your link popularity. …Can anyone confirm or deny this?”

Google’s Stranglehold on Webmasters
Best Practices Forums

“Fear not; the lack of competition (not Google’s fault!), is now a thing of the past, and signs are that they will have to work hard to keep a significant lead. Signs are they relish the challenge.”

Scraping the Engines
Search Engine Watch Forums

“It has ALWAYS been a violation of Google’s Terms of Usage to use automated tools, site scrapers, whatever to query their engine. And it is their site, so it’s their privilege to limit anything they want however they want to. So how all of a sudden is anyone an innocent victim if they are not being allowed to?”

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New Media Age Feb 24 2005 2:09PM GMT

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