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Yahoo & Microsoft To Combine?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Could it happen? Might Yahoo and Microsoft enter into matrimony? They’ve talked, and it’s mostly just talk, but what if?”

Trustrank + Pagerank = – Spam
Cre8asite Forums

“New patent application from Yahoo on link spam.”

New Commercials Starring Teoma’s Founder
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“I just don’t walk away from either of those seeing why I might want to try a search on Ask. They actually do have a few ‘pimped out’ features, why don’t they show them off?”

Amazon Ditches Google For Microsoft
Search Engine Watch Forums

“ search technology makes a drastic shift away from Google and over to Microsoft’s Windows Live.”

MSN Fluffs Search Volume
Search Engine Watch Forums

“An interesting discussion surrounding the accuracy of the MSN keyword volume tool.”

Google Objects To Microsoft’s IE7 Search Default Plans
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…Google’s complaining that IE7 shouldn’t go with MSN Search by default. Google wants users to be giving a choice in picking a search provider — something that plenty are noting doesn’t happening in Firefox or Opera, where Google pays to be the default choice.”

Daily Budget Effect AdWords Ad Position?
High Rankings Forum

“Does reducing your daily budget effect your ad position on Google AdWords? I’ve had my ad spot on the top spot for a few months now, however it was costing me too much so I reduced my daily budget to under the recommended amount.”

Thoughts On New Click Fraud Index & Network?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“How much does skepticism overshadow the fundamental goal of gathering data to be used against click fraud?”

Flattening Effect of Page Rank Iterations – explains the “sandbox”?
Webmaster World

“I have had my new sites rank well initially, then drop. Here is what I think is happening. The first observation about the Page Rank equation is that it can only be calculated after a statistically significant number of iterations.”

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Goodbye Global Digital Divide?
eMarketer May 4 2006 8:23PM GMT
Company sues Yahoo over ad placement May 4 2006 6:05PM GMT
Why SEO Formulas Don’t Work
Search Engine Guide May 4 2006 5:32PM GMT
Google, TXU, GE, EarthLink turn on power line Internet service
MarketWatch May 4 2006 4:04PM GMT
FM Launches Toolkit for Advertisers
ClickZ Today May 4 2006 4:01PM GMT
Thomson has no fear of Google giant
Globe and Mail May 4 2006 2:25PM GMT
Paging Dr. Google
CNET May 4 2006 2:10PM GMT
Microsoft targets Google’s ad business
The Times May 4 2006 12:57PM GMT
Google Calendar Tips
Search Engine Journal May 4 2006 8:36AM GMT
The Google/Microsoft Cold War & Why It’s Good for the Internet – 05/03/2006 May 4 2006 7:49AM GMT
Ask.Com’s Friendly Math Professor Does TV Show And Tell
Brandweek May 4 2006 3:02AM GMT
Microsoft Preps Faster Web Searches
Internet News May 4 2006 1:46AM GMT
Gates: Microsoft will keep Google honest
ZDNet May 4 2006 1:45AM GMT
Full-up Google choking on web spam?
The Register May 4 2006 1:14AM GMT
Yahoo advertiser sues, alleging click fraud
MSNBC May 3 2006 11:55PM GMT

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