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Search Engine Watch Expert - Kevin Ryan
Forget Competition, the Search Wars Are Over
» SEARCHING FOR MEANING: Industry oversight, insight, and best practices
Advertisers love competition because (arguably) costs will be driven down. In the single search environment that already exists in many countries around the world, search advertising costs are set by one entity. Maybe we shouldn’t count the key competitors out just yet.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Tim Ash
Testing Landing Pages with the Taguchi Method? Think Again!
» BY THE NUMBERS: Understanding Web Analytics and ROI
In statistical circles, it’s a known fact that the Taguchi method is a bad fit for landing page testing. So why do so many marketers continue to use it to test landing pages?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Launches Google Earth API and Browser Plug-in
Posted by Kevin Heisler
In the escalating war over the planet Earth between Google and Microsoft, Google has opened up Google Earth for development. Today at the Google I/O developers conference, Google launched the Google Earth API and browser plug-in.
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SES San Jose: Speaker Deadlines
Posted by Kevin Newcomb
Search Engine Strategies San Jose is fast approaching, and that means the SES San Jose speaker deadlines are coming up.
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Yahoo Rolls Out Search Index Update
Posted by Nathania Johnson
If you’re seeing a shift in your Yahoo rankings, you’re not alone. Yahoo has announced that it is rolling out updates to its search index.
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Belgian Newspapers Want $77.5 million in Damages from Google
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Copiepresse claims Google has violated copyright law by publishing their pages on Google News and caching pages from their websites.
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Gates: Microsoft will Build World’s Best Search Engine
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Last year, Bill Gates announced that his focus for his remaining full-time work at Microsoft would be search. But the job is not yet done and now he’s announced that search will be a projects he will be involved with post-retirement.
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China Real Estate Search Engine Launches in English Before Beijing Olympics
Posted by Kevin Heisler, a real estate search engine in China, officially launched an English version of the site yesterday.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

AdWords – Automatic Matching Mystery
Posted by Mel66
Google is going in the wrong direction with this “feature.” Advertisers have been asking to be able to opt out of the “expanded broad match” for a long time now, yet that request has fallen on deaf ears. And now we have “automatic matching” which is even worse.
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A client has a horrible idea – how can I persuade him? –
Posted by flnazrael
I’m doing SEO for “Site A.” The client has approx. 7,000 parked domains that he has now linked to “Site A.” I’ve tried to explain that this is a bad idea, because Google seeing 7,000 links from parked domains to a brand new site that only shows 66 in its first month is probably going to trigger a spam penalty.
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Search: The Next Five Years
Posted by Mike Grehan
Should search engine ranking algorithms continue to be based only on the data they have about people who happen to have web sites and therefore have text pages and can link to others. Or is the voice and opinion of the end user now being heard much more clearly?
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