Search Engine Forums Spotlight: November 9, 2007

What’s going on in the search industry? Find out here, with these links to some of the latest topics being discussed in our own Search Engine Watch Forums, and other search marketing forums across the Web:

Aggressive Negative Keywords
Search Engine Watch Forums
“The key to really tight spends and high CTR is aggressive use of negative keywords. Most people forget to negative out the long tail terms they create to improve the accuracy of their campaigns.”

Are We Designing for the Human Experience?
Cre8asite Forums
“Are we not designing or even marketing for the human experience anymore and if so, why not?”

SEO Footprints
High Rankings Forum
“I’m talking about the perfectly above-board stuff that nevertheless indicates the perfect page has not come about by chance. What are the signs that point towards a professional involvement?”

Content is King! Should it be Changed Often?
Small Business Ideas Forum
“Is leading crawlers to fresh content super-important? If so, will it matter what or where the content comes from?”

Best Practices for Advertising in Content Network?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I am tapping out in my AdWords traffic and would like to start exploring content traffic. Can you give me some ideas on how to be successful in content?”

Bounce Rates for Social Media
Cre8asite Forums
“Are bounce rates for social media different from bounce rates of other traffic sources?”

Using PHP Includes
High Rankings Forum
“Is there any reason SEO-wise why I shouldn’t use PHP includes on my Web pages?”

Is There a Keyword Tool that Can Do This?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Is there a tool that somehow displays rankings and keywords for any site? Not an exhaustive listing, but maybe a TOP 100 type thing.”

Question About CPC Budget
High Rankings Forum
“There is no tool that can predict the future. One way to handle budgeting is to assemble your top keywords and see how the budget works with those keywords, in the real world.”

Pinpointing Conversions
High Rankings Forum
“I see that 5 people signed up for our newsletter yesterday. Google shows me 2 conversions which means that 2 of these 5 people converted from a Google AdWords ad. The other 3 found our site and signed up for the newsletter by other means. How do I know which 2 of these 5 people came from a Google AdWords ad?”

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