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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark
Implementation is the Name of the Game
Implementation is a critical part of the search engine optimization process. This is where we actually make the recommended changes to the Web site. It’s also where way too many SEO projects go wrong.
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SEW Expert - Aaron Shear Aaron
Video Search: Can You Live Without It?
With YouTube climbing into the second position in terms of search engines, you can’t avoid videos these days. What is your company doing to stay on top of the video market?
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SEW Expert - David Szetela David
Measuring a Text Ad’s Effectiveness
Testing and improving ad copy is essential to optimizing overall PPC campaign performance. Improving ad text leads to better CTR and quality score, which means it can help drive your CPC down, and/or let you buy more clicks per dollar. So it has a direct impact on your campaign’s ability to increase the number of profitable sales.
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Yahoo Enables Zip Code Geotargeting
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 21, 2008

Want to target people in a certain zip code with your Yahoo search marketing campaign? Well, now you can. Sure, you might get fewer clicks, but clicks aren’t the end game. Conversions are. If you are looking to target audiences in certain locations, then serving up ads to specific geographic areas …
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Landing Pages: Test Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 21, 2008

Try as Washington might, the economy is bad and there’s no way around it. Budgets are being slashed and workforces are being cut. It is widely thought that search advertising will be one of the last to feel the brunt of the economy’s affect on advertising. Still, search marketers are faced …
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MapQuest Now Optimized for the iPhone
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 21, 2008

One of the main reasons I own an iPhone is to have access to a map when I’m out and about. The iPhone comes standard with Google Maps, but I find its always good to have a backup map. (Google Maps isn’t perfect, but you didn’t hear that from me.) That’s …
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18-34 Year Old Responds to Email Marketing Over Social Network Marketing
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 21, 2008

Social networking is popular, but how to target consumers through them is a mystery that has plagued marketers since social media’s inception. Now, a new study from ExactTarget is showing how tough it can be. The report showed that 18-34 year olds say they’re more likely to respond to marketing efforts …
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Search Advertisers: Don’t Miss the Profitable PPC Webcast
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Oct 21, 2008

What’s the best way to set up a new PPC campaign? How should you structure your ad groups to get double-digit clickthrough rates? Where should you peg your initial budgets and bids? Listen to SEW Expert David Szetela sharing his PPC tips in a live Search Engine Watch Webcast, “Profitable PPC: …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Web Search vs. Blog Search Oct 21, 2008
Does anyone know how blogs and regular websites are arranged hierarchically in search engines? Let me give an example. I search for “Mickey Mouse” in blogsearch, it shows me a bunch of blogs with that content. I search for “Mickey Mouse” in websearch, it shows me regular websites AS WELL …
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AdSense Account Now Eligible for Dedicated Search Support Oct 20, 2008
I have copied an email below that I have received regarding Google Adsense. Does anyone have any idea what this is about? “Your account is now eligible for dedicated support from our team of AdSense for search experts. If you are interested in dedicated support from AdSense for search experts, you …
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thinking strategically: Should I use exclusively folders? Oct 18, 2008
My website really just has 16 pages (will be 17), and I don’t think I’ll add any (at least not many!) pages to this website (it’s a very niche topic and I couldnt even think of more categories that make sense). So what Im wondering is this: Should I use a folder …
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