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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

PageRank Sculpting: Welcome Back to High School Hell
Google’s new rules affecting PageRank sculpting bring us back to high school. Instead of letting us vouch for our cool friends and disavow the geeks who want to hang out with us, Google is now punishing us for being one of the cool kids.
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Balancing Efficiency and Volume in Paid Search
By Jason Tabeling
On a daily basis, paid search managers must balance efficiency and volume in an effort to meet the goals of the campaign. There is no right or wrong decision; there is only what is right for your business at that time.
SEW Expert - Herndon Hasty Herndon

Share Your Way to Better SEO
SEO campaigns often become bottled up in silos and never reach their full potential. SEO covers many different areas of your business, so sharing information and strategies across all possible lines is not only preferable, but should be a required part of any engagement.
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7 Marketing Lessons from the Late, Great Pitchman Billy Mays
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 6, 2009

Like many of you, I was saddened to learn on Sunday that Billy Mays died at the age of 50. My family has been watching the Discovery Channel series Pitchmen, featuring Mays and fellow pitchman Anthony Sullivan. I had been planning this post for a few weeks, but there has …
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Bing Integrates Twitter, Sometimes and If You’re Important Enough
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 6, 2009

If you’re a celebrity or some other figure Bing has deemed “prominent,” then searches for your name plus the word Twitter will turn up a few of your Tweets above the organic results. You can also search for a person’s screen name, preceded by the @ sign. Prominence is deemed by …
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Bing, ChaCha Launch User-Generated Content Contests
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 6, 2009

Get out your cameras, it’s time for a couple of search-related contests. If you enjoy the large images Bing features everday on its homepage, now you have the chance to see one of your images featured on the brand spankin’ new decision engine. Bing is holding a photo contest where …
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Google Mobile Optimizes Search Results for 38 Languages
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 6, 2009

If you can access the mobile internet via your cell phone, then you now have access to newly optimized Google Mobile search. It reaches 38 different languages in over 60 countries. The optimized Google mobile search experience began last December when it was rolled out to iPhone and Android phones in …
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Real Estate Search Sites See Big Growth in the First Half of 2009
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 6, 2009

Real estate search sites Zillow and Trulia are seeing big growth in traffic, despite the economy and its housing woes. Zillow saw a 67% increase in unique visitors while Trulia saw a 40% increase in uniques. Zillow averaged 8.3 million unique visitors per month so far in 2009. They’re experiencing 35% …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Microformats? Jun 30, 2009
hello friends Has any body embed microformats in your website? And if yes then can you share your website raking experience here so that others also can use it to better their site ranking on Google. Thanks in advance!
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Page Rank Sculpting? Jun 25, 2009
Hey guys Google has recently made changes in its algorithm which is ‘No More Page Rank Sculpting’. Means balancing the page rank of your internal site links using Nofollow is the bad practice Now but I am still not clear with this change in algorithm. Can anyone explain it widely to understand …
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Backlinks vs Bounce rate Jun 24, 2009
I always thought bounce rate and visitor trending should be one of the key factors for your search engine rankings . It should be given more importance than links. Is it true ? Please share your views Thanks varun
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