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Search Engine Watch Expert - Aaron Shear
When Top Keywords Suddenly Vanish
» BIG BIZ: Big brands and large enterprises using search in the marketing mix
If one of your top keyword phrases suddenly drops out of the SERPs, do you know what you’ll do to fix it? Sometimes, the cause is nothing that you control. But there are several things you should be looking at to make sure a change that was made somewhere in your organization didn’t cause the problem.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Mark Jackson
Google PageRank isn’t the Same as Ranking in Google
» AU NATURAL: Organic search engine optimization strategy and tactics
Many webmasters are obsessed with the PageRank Google assigns their site. But why? They don’t understand that there are at least 100 or more factors that make up the Google algorithm, and a higher PageRank number doesn’t necessarily mean better rankings.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Kevin Heisler
3 CEOs with 3 Strategies for SEO Success
» SEARCH ENGINE WARGAMES: How search engine innovations and technologies change our jobs
It’s 3 a.m. and your employees are safe and asleep. But Wall Street analysts are calling and they want to know your search engine marketing strategy. Who do you want answering the phone?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Microsoft Live Search Solves 404 Error Problem
Posted by Kevin Heisler
No one likes generic 404 error pages. To solve that problem, Microsoft Live Search will now enable Web site owners to create error pages that recommend help even if the exact URL isn’t available.
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Wikia Adds Features to its Open Source Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson
If a search engine allows its users to change the results, is it still called hacking? While many news outlets are saying Wikia’s new features allow users to hack results, it’s really just part of their modus operandi.
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Google Rebrands, Enhances Google Site Search
Posted by Eric Enge
Originally announced as Custom Search Business Edition, this product has now been rebranded as Google Site Search.
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The Art of Sculpting, or There’s Nothing Wrong with Knowing SEO
Posted by Eli Feldblum
Some SEOs think that somehow, just knowing/doing SEO is enough to raise a red flag with Google. In other words, optimization is by its nature blackhat.
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ComScore releases U.K. search rankings for April 2008
Posted by Greg Jarboe
ComScore today released its first report on the U.K. search market from its enhanced comScore qSearch 2.0 online search measurement tool.
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Visual Search Engine Viewzi to Launch This Month –
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Visual search engine Viewzi has been in private beta for quite some time now, but they’ve just announced they expect to launch to the public this month. Since it’s visual, a wordy blog post just isn’t going to do this news justice. So I’ve created some screenshots for your viewing pleasure.
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Will Google Merchant Search ‘Set the Cat amongst the Pigeons’?
Posted by Greg Jarboe
Price comparison websites are big business in the UK and all the major industry players advertise heavily on Google. That’s why the launch of the new service comes at a critical time for Google and its financial services advertisers.
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Internet Week Starts Tomorrow In NYC
Posted by Frank Watson
The conference offers a diverse collection of sessions and events – even an exhibit hall on Friday that runs for 4 hours in a city club! Now that is good marketing – after all it is Friday.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

SEM ideas please –
Posted by samanthacoleman
We are a reseller for a major cell phone provider. Our price is heavily dictated by their price and the amount of money they give us to sell each unit. To cut a long story short, the provider is forcing us to increase our prices because they are reducing the amount of money we receive each time we sell an item.
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Building Links to Help SEO and Sales
Posted by GAVIN
I’ve heard that having reciprocal linking can work wonders when attracting new customers. How do you search for those quality links?
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Search: The Next Five Years
Posted by Mike Grehan
Should search engine ranking algorithms continue to be based only on the data they have about people who happen to have web sites and therefore have text pages and can link to others. Or is the voice and opinion of the end user now being heard much more clearly?
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