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SEW Expert - David Szetela David
Those Mysterious Quality Scores: Fundamentally Simple
The quality scoring system used for search engine ads is based on a complex group and series of calculations that take into consideration hundreds of factors that the search engines won’t reveal. But you don’t need to know what those factors are, as long as you create your campaigns correctly and make sure you’re giving visitors what they’re looking for.
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SEW Expert - William Flaiz William
The Organic and Paid Balancing Act
As SERP listings and functionality changes, there are still two types of listings that have weathered the storm and are still attainable for marketers: traditional organic listings and paid search listings. By making sure your site stays above the fold in these two outlets, you can maximize your controllable visibility.
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SEW Expert - Michael Boland Michael
The Future of Online Ads: Location, Location, Location
Location awareness — the concept that a device knows exactly where it is — is changing the way mobile search works. Search applications are being developed to tap into this capability and serve more locally relevant content. The next steps will be for national advertisers and ad networks to serve ads that are actually useful and actionable for local users.
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SEW Expert - Chris Boggs Chris
SEO During E-Commerce Application Development
E-commerce applications for Web sites can take thousands of hours to build, and require patience and determination on the part of the organization. As with large-scale Web site designs and redesigns, putting search engine optimization off until after the fact can be a costly mistake.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

LinkedIn Unveils New Search Platform
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 27, 2008

Popular professional social networking site LinkedIn is rolling out its new search platform. Like most major releases, it will only be available to a small percentage at first. The new search platform will include: Unified search resultsMore powerful relevance algorithmRedesigned search results page”In Common” (a new field in search results that lets …
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hakia Launches Personalized Search Feature
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 27, 2008

hakia is jumping on the personalized search page bandwagon with My hakia. Users can customize several dynamic content features including: News searchNews headlinesPubMed searchWikipediaYouTube videosCartoons Here’s a screenshot: Related Reading: hakia Calls for Librarians to Contribute Credible Web Sources hakia Comments on Leveraging Yahoo’s BOSS Semantic Search Engine hakia Launches Syndication Web Services
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Link to a Point of Time Within a YouTube Video
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 27, 2008

Major hat tip to TechCrunch for sharing with the world a way to link to a certain time point within a video on YouTube. Take for example this video of a clip from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. If you wanted to share the link but have the video start 56 …
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Android Week 1: Sprint’s Not on Board (Yet) and a Security Flaw Discovered
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 27, 2008

The first phone with Google’s new mobile platform Android was released last week on Tmobile. Unlike the iPhone, Android will be seen on more devices and more carriers in months and years to come. But Sprint CEO Dan Hesse says Android isn’t quite ready to carry the Sprint name on a …
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Twitter as a Terrorist’s Tool
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 27, 2008

There was much buzz over the weekend about a military report suggesting the popular mass Instant Messaging tool Twitter could be used by terrorists. They cited as an example the protestors at the Republican National Convention using Twitter to inform about police actions and movement. In that case, Twitter becomes a …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

local listings “next to the map”? Oct 24, 2008
How do you get a local listing “next to the map”? I can think of this: 1. Put the address on the website (not in an image) – Does it matter where on the site it is, or will Google have it if it’s on a page that has been crawled? 2. Submit …
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do image file names matter? Oct 24, 2008
all my images are named based on the item # so they look like DC023.jpg. However all images do have correct alt tags. Is it worth whiel to rename all images to better reflect what the image is off? also what about all the images that are currently …
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Seeking a Reporting Tool Oct 23, 2008
I am looking to find a tool that can help my company be more efficient in creating reports with our clients. For most of our clients, we are using just Adwords and we know that there has to be a more efficient way of doing our reports. Can anyone recommend …
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