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SEW Expert - Andy Atkins-Krüger Andy
Use International Search Marketing — Just Like Google!
Google’s international business has been growing more than five times faster this year. Search marketers should follow Google’s lead and look to expand in the more buoyant economies of the world now, bolstering their strength and competitiveness at home.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric
10 Common SEO Mistakes
Especially in larger organizations, it’s common that SEO doesn’t get the credit it deserves for driving traffic to a Web site. Unfortunately, this can often lead to uninformed senior managers making decisions that are catastrophic from an SEO perspective.
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SEW Expert - Herndon Hasty Herndon
Social, Search, and Branding
Social media is about interacting with your target audience, creating bonds with your brand, and then giving your audience outlets to exercise those bonds. To focus on mere content and links misses the point of participation.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

The Number One SEO/PPC/SMM Marketing Tip You Will Ever Learn
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 26, 2009

Have a good product. You could have a great ad position, great landing page copy, and the best conversion rate in all the land, but it won’t matter unless you have a great product. It’s something I’ve known for a long time, but now Joel Spolsky is unknowingly backing me up in …
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SEO Remains Steady While PPC, Email and Direct Increase
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 26, 2009

Engine Ready has released another study revealing the growth rates among various traffic referrers. While SEO showed the least amount of growth in conversion rates and value per visit, it also showed the least amount of decline in order value, which is significant in this economy. For conversion rates and average …
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360i Report Outlines How Google Caffeine Differs from Old Google
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 26, 2009

If you’ve been following Google Caffeine, you know, the new search architecture the search giant has been teasing search marketers with, then you may not be sure what to expect when it’s eventually rolled into the main search. Some of us didn’t see anything new, others saw big changes. The folks …
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Google Maps Adds Arterial Roads to Traffic Layer with Data from Your Phone
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 26, 2009

If you commute along a heavily-trafficked highway, you’ve probably often thought – and tried – alternate ways home. This is a trial-and-error method that can be quite frustrating. Many times, such as rainy days, when traffic is bad in one place – it feels bad everywhere. But Google Maps is hoping …
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YouTube to Monetize Individual Viral Videos (Maybe, If They Want To)
Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 26, 2009

One of the questions asked during the JK Wedding Dance phenomenon was why the owners of the video did not get paid. After all, YouTube, Sony and Chris Brown (artist behind the song) benefited monetarily in a way that they would not have had the video not been made. Now, YouTube …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Google Indexed pages fluxuating wildly Aug 26, 2009
I have been logging my new site since it launched. The pages indexed by google ( not the webmaster count) has been fluxuating. It started out with a decent # 5-7,000. Since then it has dropped to 5,000 / 3,000 / back to 5,500 / and now it is at …
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Search Results Vary Within the US? Aug 26, 2009
I know search results can vary from user to user slightly based on search history and such, but do search results vary that much based on Geographic location within the US. I know things change when you search in different countries, but I am talking specifically US. We …
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Phone Call tracking module for Google analytics Aug 26, 2009
We have an add-on module which allows you to tie phone call tracking and conversions in with Google Analytics from PPC, banner ads, organic rankings, forums etc. Does anyone have any other add-ons for Google analytics which help to measure similar calls to action, conversions, marketing actions and results etc …
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