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SEW Expert - David Szetela David
PPC Bidding Strategies: Prudence vs. Aggressiveness
When it comes to PPC bids, should you start low and build up? Or start high and come down? As with many things, the right strategy for your company depends on your situation and objectives.
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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank
Could Social Media Be the Google Killer?
Much discussion has been made of where the David to the Google Goliath will come from. The ongoing growth of social media may indicate that we should look beyond a Yahoo-Microsoft merger and other algorithmic-based search engines and explore the possibility of search becoming less important.
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SEW Expert - Gregg Stewart Gregg
Getting to Know Local SEO
Local SEO is a must for businesses that sell products locally to a specified geographical area. The channels consumers are using to search are changing. Is your marketing strategy adapting?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

To Fear or Not to Fear: That is the Question (About the Google-Yahoo Ad Deal)
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 22, 2008

As October approaches, and Google prepares to implement its advertising deal with Yahoo, more and more commentary is flowing about the pros and cons of the deal. The New York Times is saying there’s nothing to worry about. But their argument is mostly full of talking points released by Google itself …
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Where’s The 30 Rock Search?
Posted by Deborah Richman Sep 22, 2008

The real Emmy story last night came near the end, when Tina Fey arrived on the stage for last time and received the 30 Rock team award. She reeled off all the places where the critical hit could be seen online, including Hulu and NBC, and then said something …
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Moms See Search as Task-Oriented; Websites as Entertainment
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 22, 2008

Moms are now packing more activity into their day, according to a new data released by AOL’s Platform-A. A survey of 7,000 women found that the average internet-using mom reports conducting 27 hours of activities during the day. On average they spend: 2.6 hours on the internet2.1 hours of television1.2 hours a …
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Yahoo Redesigns SearchMonkey Template
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 22, 2008

Yahoo has redesigned the SearchMonkey template. The new design features deep links horizontally underneath the title. The reason for the change is that testing showed the new format was more easily scanned by users and increased the click-through rate for app developers. Here’s a before and after shot: What do you think …
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Search Engine Strategies Builds Up Programming Team
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Sep 22, 2008

We here at Incisive Media, home of Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies (SES), are pleased to announce a few promotions within our event programming team. First off, Stewart Quealy has been promoted to VP of content development. Stew has been programming the Search Engine Strategies events since 2001, most …
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Has YouTube Passed Yahoo in expanded searches?
Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 20, 2008

Back on July 20, 2008, I asked: “Is YouTube about to pass Yahoo in expanded searches?” Well, I’ve just had a chance to digest the latest data from comScore for August 2008 and its appears that YouTube has passed Yahoo — if you look at “expanded” search queries instead …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

How will Google Suggest influence your keyword strategy? Sep 21, 2008
My guess is that this feature will be accepted by searchers (I do use it on youtube). I think very generic phrases (one word or expression(which can be more than one word) without any modifiers) will lose volume. I think very long-tail phrases will lose some. Popular (not totally generic) phrases …
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Problems with Exact and Phrase Match Sep 22, 2008
Hi Everyone, I recently built a new campaign for a client in a high CPC, competitive space, competing for keywords against some blue-chip big advertisers. I conducted extensive keyword research, and built tightly-knit ad groups of mostly exact and phrase match keywords. All keyword tools indicated my chosen terms do …
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How many hours does it take to manage a PPC campaign? Sep 22, 2008
My organic SEO client has asked me to run minimal, exploratory PPC campaigns in Yahoo Search Marketing and in MSN. If they perform well, he’ll increase the campaigns. This will be my first foray into this high-demand area. I’ll be learning on the job and spending much more time than …
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