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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik

Economic Depression 2.0
Using some past economic low times as historical guides, what can the online world expect in the coming months? One likely outcome is a permanent shift from traditional channels to online marketing. Yes, online marketing could reach the highest percentage of marketing spend sooner than any of us imagined.
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Link Marketing — Solve a Customer Problem
Solving customer problems and publishing that information on your site can be a great way to build both brand awareness and links. Focusing on a niche or soliciting input from your customers are two great ways to develop your content ideas.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

In Tough Economic Times, Whither Search?
The news about our world’s economic conditions aren’t just bad, they’re insane. What will happen to advertising and marketing dollars as a result? Is search insulated from our economic meltdown? The short answer: not by a long shot. The long answer is a bit more complicated.
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How Google is Integrating Search into Android and the G1
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 2, 2008

Recently, Google and T-mobile teamed up to unveil the new G1, the first Android-powered phone to be made commercially available. There was a lot of hype about the device and how it compared to the iPhone, but how does Google’s baby, search, fit into the mix? Marc Vanlerberghe, Google’s Product Marketing …
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Zillow Launches Free Professional Directory
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 2, 2008

Real estate search engine has launched a free professional directory. This will allow real estate professionals to market their services to the millions of Zillow visitors for free. Pros can create a profile with photos, videos, and the like. “This is a free opportunity for local professionals to market …
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Social network hi5 Updates with 10 Community-Translated Languages
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 2, 2008

Social networking site hi5 has updated with 10 new community-translated languages and dialects. hi5 enjoys 56 million unique visitors a month and is the third largest social network worldwide. It’s #1 in over 30 countries. The ten languages are: CatalanDanishBritish EnglishFinnishHindiMacedonianSlovakianSpanish – MexicoSpanish – ColombiaSwedish “The power of this program to deliver localized …
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Yahoo’s Search for a Cause to Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Research
Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 2, 2008

Yahoo has introduced “Search for a Cause,” which was designed to support effort during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. Search for a Cause is a SearchMonkey app that directs affiliate commissions for popular shopping sites to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. For every searcher who uses the app, Yahoo will …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

The myth of duplicate content Oct 2, 2008
It has long been established that everyone should avoid duplicating content on their websites. It is even on Google’s list of forbiddens on its spam report – ( under “Duplicate site or pages”. Recently, a real estate client of mine found that his ex-partner had not only taken the entire text …
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Google Indexing strategies for big site Oct 2, 2008
Hello Friends, My site contains 10,00000 pages and ˜400000 pages has been indexed in google right now!. I want total pages to be index in google as fast as possible. I have perform following tasks for this directory submission-2700 link exchange-100 social bookmarking and networking in 35 websites(including digg, SU, facebook,redit) forum posting-250 posting in 25 …
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Adwords slow showing ads Sep 23, 2008
For the second time is as many weeks, big G is taking forever to begin displaying my ads. It’s been 5 days since my campaign was made active and still no ads. Is anyone else having this problem? And yes, I have checked all the usual …
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