SearchDay | Why is Russia’s Yandex the Fastest Growing Search Engine?

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SEW Expert - Andy Atkins-Krüger Andy
Why is Russia’s Yandex the Fastest Growing Search Engine?
Search activity at Yandex grew by 94 percent this year, topping Google’s 58 percent and Microsoft’s 41 percent growth. Is it economics? Or is it something to do with search technology?
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SEW Expert - Herndon Hasty Herndon
Putting the ‘Search’ in Research
Knowing your customer is critical to reaching them effectively, and creating the ideal environment to convert them into buyers. Fortunately, your search efforts provide a great platform for learning about your customers through publically available data and inexpensive testing opportunities.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric
Differentiate Yourself for SEO Success
One big key to success in the world of SEO is differentiation. Showing your partners and customers how you stand out from your competitors can substantially improve your chances of success, and may soon be essential for your survival.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
Social Media for B2B
Many executives incorrectly believe that social media isn’t applicable for their B2B company, but they’re wrong. Many of the same social media principles we preach for B2C companies can be adjusted to also apply to B2B.
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Google AdWords Expands Opportunities Tab Beta Test
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 10, 2009

Back in July, Google AdWords began testing an “Opportunities Tab,” designed to help advertisers find more cost-effective traffic for their campaigns. Now, the test is being expanded. The expansion includes additional U.S. advertisers and also begins to bring in advertisers from the U.K. and Australia. The Opportunities Tab gives a quick …
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Twitter Plans Q4 Revenue-Generating Features; Goes Down During Apple Event
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 10, 2009

Twitter has revealed plans to begin generating revenue during the fourth quarter of this year. The initial premium features will be available for businesses. Such features could include analytics to help companies track tweets about their company or verified corporate accounts. Twitter reached 20.1 million users this past June. Of course, Twitter …
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Yahoo! Releases Three New Mobile Applications
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 10, 2009

Yahoo! has released three new mobile applications based on existing web sites and products. The three apps are Yahoo! Finance (for iPhone and Blackberry), Yahoo! Fantasy Football (iPhone and BlackBerry), and Flickr (iPhone). Here’s what you can expect from the three apps: Yahoo! Finance Stay up to date on the broad market indices …
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Study Exposes Difficulty in Measuring Twitter Influence
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 10, 2009

If you were to ask around social media and online marketing professionals how to measure the influence of a Twitter user, you’d probably get a variety of answers. That’s because there are a variety of success stories. Some organizations use it as a broadcast medium; some are conversationalists. Some have a …
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Ex-Yahoo! and Author of ‘Peanut Butter Manifesto’ Brad Garlinghouse Heads to AOL
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 10, 2009

In 2006, Brad Garlinghouse made waves at Yahoo! by releasing the “Peanut Butter Manifesto,” which outlined a bunch of organizational and administrative problems he felt Yahoo! had. As senior vice president at the time, he felt Yahoo! was spread thin and needed focus, leadership, and accountability. During the turbulence that accompanied …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Another seven donâ””ts for SEO Sep 9, 2009
1. Donâ””t give your customers high expectation. We all know that if you have more expectations on one thing, you will get more disappointments when you lose it. So, just do your work humbly and diligently. It also can make your customers to praise you. 2. Donâ””t neglect analysis. All …
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Some tips on Trade Promotion Sep 8, 2009
â””Network, resource, demandâ”” is a fundamental for trade. Some elements should be done if you want to be a successful foreign trade enterprise. Firstly, for the market. Refers to the product maturity and public recognition, whether it is domestic or foreign markets are the same. Some products have the domestic market …
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Five errors should be paid attention to when you execute SEO Sep 3, 2009
1. No specific projectsâ”” purpose. 2. Using a single ranking to measure the whole work about SEO. 3. Choose the single search engine. You shouldnâ””t choose it only according to your personal interest and hobby. 4. Couldnâ””t analyse keywords very accurately. 5. Without the correct link strategy.
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Sitemap not being read completely Sep 7, 2009
Is it normal for google to only read ˜ 30% of your site map? I had to break up the file in order to fit googles limitations. However, no matter what file google is reading the webmaster tools only show around 30% of my sitemap being read. I thought the …
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