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Time For An Indexing Summit?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The last time search engines came together to consider how to index the web in a coordinated fashion was 1996! Isn’t it time for new developments to be considered? And what types of special tags or features would you like?”

The Don’ts of Directory Development
Webmaster World

“Recently I’ve been involved in quite few topics concerning various directories that appear to have been manually removed and/or penalized by various search engines. From those discussions and my research over the years, I’ve put together a list of Basic Don’ts when developing a directory. Remember, these are just the basics…”

Which Directories Would You Pay To Be Included In?
Best Practices Forums

“Okay, hypothetically you have just finished designing your great new website and you have some spare cash to promote it. You decide that you’re going to use this money for directory submissions – which directories would be the first ones you would pay for inclusion and why?”

Selling Out in 2005
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Seriously, about 8 in every 10 of the brightest, biggest, and most innovative SEM [search engine marketing” firms are looking at their exit strategies for the coming year. Yep, from where I am, (which isn’t too disconnected), I see 80% of all the best-known SEO [search engine optimization” companies wanting to sell out, or sell up in the coming months. They’ve all taken notice of the approach of the big ad agencies, and all hope to be attractive buyout propositions for such agencies.”

PageRank for Firefox 1.0
Best Practices Forums

“Switched to Firefox 1.0? Miss the misleading green bar? Hate to start up IE [Internet Explorer” every time you want to peer at it? Your prayers have been answered!! Google Pagerank Status is now available for Firefox 1.0”

3rd Party API Released for Google Desktop Search
Webmaster World

“…allows developers to access Google Desktop search results without directly processing the HTML coded results.”

The Value Of Using A Good Web Analytics Package
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Putting up the website is one thing. Getting an appropriate analytics package is another. Interpreting the data from that program is another. Acting on the interpretation is yet another. And having the strength to continually modify your site until you achieve optimal conversion rates is yet another.”

Does The Advertiser Have A Choice Anymore?
Highrankings Forum

“…to me, it appears that Google are happy to shut out the small business market by playing god and disabling keywords immediately, based, I presume on algorithms. What will happen? My clients will use Overture etc., will instead concentrate on ‘normal’ search engine optimisation (which generates Google no revenue at all), and they’ll start to drift towards Googles competitors to do searches because they’ll view Google as having lost the plot.”

Blocking “Generic” AdSense Ads
Webmaster World

“By ‘generic’ ads I’m talking about advertisers like , , and . No matter the keyword is, they have an Adsense ad saying how you can ‘Buy ABCDEFG here’ or ‘Compare prices of ABCDEFG here’ or find ‘New and used ABCDEFG here’, etc. … I’m wondering if blocking them would allow more targeted advertising to be displayed. What do you think?”

Buying Sites to 301 Redirect
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I am planning on buying a few sites and using a 301 redirect to transfer the link popularity over to my site. Has anyone tried this before? Anything i should know before doing it?”

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Blog Ads Hit Rough Patches
Media Post Jan 7 2005 1:32PM GMT
Google’s New Affiliate Policy Benefits (Nearly) Everyone
Traffick Jan 7 2005 1:18PM GMT
Six Apart challenges Google
Cyber India Online Jan 7 2005 1:15PM GMT
Story search reveals Google glitch
Monroe Courier Jan 7 2005 1:10PM GMT
Independent Intl’s submits valuation to Google in ‘G-mail’ trademark dispute
Interactive Investor International Jan 7 2005 1:06PM GMT
Value Of China’s Search Engine Market Hits US$;113.6 MLN In 2004
Asia Pulse Jan 7 2005 1:03PM GMT
New Edition of Google Hacks
BeSpacific Jan 7 2005 3:56AM GMT
Pricegrabber unveils travel search engine
Financial Times Jan 7 2005 12:00AM GMT
Gigablast Now Offering XML Search Feeds
Search Engine Watch Jan 6 2005 11:26PM GMT
Digital library plan puts need for traditional books in question
Nashua Telegraph Jan 6 2005 11:14PM GMT
Search Startup Tackles the Mac Desktop
eWeek Jan 6 2005 11:05PM GMT
Desktop Search: The Game Is Afoot
Business Week Jan 6 2005 11:01PM GMT
Google Plays Down Outage
Australian IT Jan 6 2005 11:00PM GMT
Microsoft Job Pitches Hint at Paid Search Ambitions Jan 6 2005 10:58PM GMT
Yahoo Living rooms to go digital
Times of India Jan 6 2005 10:56PM GMT

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