Highlights from the SEW Blog: Jun 14, 2005

I’m on “vacation” this week, so SearchDay will feature posts from the Search Engine Watch blog as well as our customary search headlines from around the web. If you’re not familiar with our blog, click on any of the links below, or visit the blog’s home page at http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/.

Google Denies Pulling Anti-Clinton Ads

Running Anti-Clinton Banners from DMNews.com has Google saying no. Ads that were initially approved continue to run. However, Google admits that some ads were rejected as advocating against a person, as opposed to a political agenda. The author and publisher of a book about the Clintons claims that all ads were removed…

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My Encounter With Search Spam On Blogger

With 100 million billion trillion new blogs springing up every day, some of them are going to be spam. And with Google operating one of the biggest blogging services, it’s not surprising that Blogger will be host to a few search spam sites. Indeed, I’ve seen complaints about this in the past from others. But today, Blogger spam got in my face…

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In-Depth Review of Google Scholar & Why You Should Consider HireWire Press

Some of the most well-known, comprehensive and respected reviews of reference books and databases reviews come from Dr. Pete Jacso, a library science professor at the University of Hawaii. I’ve been reading and learning from Peter’s work since my very first days of library school. He currently writes for several sites and publications including two in-depth reviews posted on the Gale.com site each month…

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Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

SearchTHIS: Advertising, Meet User Need
iMedia Connection Jun 14 2005 12:10PM GMT
AOL Will Focus on Free Music, Video
AP Jun 14 2005 2:50AM GMT
Google readying Web-only video search
CNET News.com Jun 14 2005 2:44AM GMT
Online Research: Ratings put health-data sites to the clarity test
Marketwatch.com Jun 14 2005 12:19AM GMT
Yahoo News Beats Google News In Jackson Verdict
Search Engine Watch Jun 14 2005 12:11AM GMT
Police arrest man for allegedly setting up fake Yahoo Japan Web site
Yahoo Asia News Jun 13 2005 8:23PM GMT
China’s Sohu pins growth hopes on search business
Reuters UK Jun 13 2005 8:22PM GMT
Five Questions for Andrew Goodman
OneDegree Jun 13 2005 8:00PM GMT
Debate Over How To Classify Google Continues
PaidContent.org Jun 13 2005 6:29PM GMT
Google’s Summer of Code heats up
InfoWorld Jun 13 2005 2:25PM GMT
Disclose, Already
ClickZ Today Jun 13 2005 11:16AM GMT
Many Private Businesses Not Reaping the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization
dmnews.com Jun 13 2005 11:09AM GMT
Microsoft joins hands with Yahoo, Google to censor China’s web
AFP Jun 13 2005 11:07AM GMT
Shopping guides on Web attractive as takeover targets
The Honolulu Advertiser Jun 12 2005 8:21PM GMT
Paid Search a Footnote in AOL.com Push
Clickz Jun 12 2005 3:34PM GMT

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