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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric
Training Your Content Developers on SEO Copywriting
SEO copywriting can be a misleading term. Too often, writers will get stuck on the SEO part and lose sight of the other, more important goal: creating a good user experience.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin
Tibet’s Revenge
There’s quite a bit of controversy over things like censoring search results. Judging by the majority of the responses I received on last week’s column, most of you got the humor in it. For those who didn’t, or only read the headline and first three sentences, please continue on to the punch line at the end.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark
Should Your SEO Strategy Target the Head or the Long Tail?
If you’re focused on ranking for that one major keyword, having a deep Web site full of great content is necessary to achieve authority in the eyes of the search engine. So, whether or not you intended to do it, you’ll be optimizing for the long tail in order to achieve your goals.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron
Search Ad Quality Score 101, Part 2
Getting a good quality score requires that you create relevance and continuity from beginning to end of the search experience. Then you need to test, test, test.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
7 Social Media Predictions for 2009
It’s a new year, which means it’s time to raise a virtual glass within your social network and toast your collective social graphs for a great 2009. Here are seven things to look for this year.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Maps Adds Features to Local Business Ads
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 14, 2009

Google Maps has updated features for local business ads. First up, the pop up box for a local business listing will now include interactive links for features on Google Maps. These links include “Get Directions,” “Street View,” and “Save to My Maps.” Secondly, there’s a new reporting feature. Available through your …
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Did Yahoo President Sue Decker See New CEO As Snub?
Posted by Frank Watson Jan 13, 2009

Despite the suggestion by ValleyWag, that incoming Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz’s first job would be to fire President Sue Decker, seems Decker beat her to the punch by announcing her resignation. Decker has overseen many of the few innovations and major changes at Yahoo during the past few years – as …
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Google Releases New Sitemap Generator
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 14, 2009

Google Webmaster Central has created a new sitemap generator and released it to the general public. The new generator is open source and uses your webserver’s traffic, its log files, or the files found on the server to quickly find the URLs on your site. It ping Google blog search and …
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Reciprocal Links And Yahoo: Some Interesting Reading
Posted by Frank Watson Jan 14, 2009

Okay I would not have bothered to read Yahoo’s latest patent on reciprocal links if it were not for two blog posts by Bill Slawski and David Harry. These guys thankfully can interpret patent details in a way that does not make my head spin and explode. I mean look at …
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SEO Training Workshop on Blogs at SES London 2009
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jan 14, 2009

One of the four SEM and SEO training workshops that will be held at SES London on Friday, Feb. 20, 2009, will be focused on â””Reaching Your Audience through Blogs.â”” The instructor is Jennifer Evans Laycock, the Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Guide, an online publication aimed at educating Small …
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Google Apps Reseller Program Could Become Biggest Affiliate Program
Posted by Frank Watson Jan 14, 2009

Google is building a reseller program for its apps and training future affiliates to build up their market share of email, calendaring, project management and team site creation, as well as documents, video sharing and collaboration. The program will give resellers 20% of each $50/user/year they sign up, as well as …
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Matt Cutts: Hate Review Sites With No Reviews? Tell Me About It
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 14, 2009

Google’s spam guru Matt Cutts is asking for people to help his team address the issue of review site pages with no reviews. In other words, have you ever been researching a product and included “review” in the search phrase – only to click on sites with no reviews? Annoying …
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Online Display Ad Pricing Drops in Q4 2008
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 14, 2009

Pubmatic has released online ad pricing data for the fourth quarter 2008. They found that ad pricing dropped in Q4, likely due to an all too unstable economy. Here’s what they found: All sizes of websites (small, medium, and large) were down dramatically from Q4 2007; small, medium, and large sites …
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AdGooroo Releases Q4 2008 Search Advertising Data
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 13, 2009

AdGooroo has released data for search engine advertising in the fourth quarter of 2008. Google’s first page advertisers grew by 58%, and Live Search grew by 42.3%. Yahoo only grew by 8.8%. More interesting tidbits from Q4: A combined Microsoft/Yahoo! entity would increase large advertiser counts on the Live Search network by …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

campaign management question Jan 14, 2009
My brain is turning to mush so maybe the forum can help me. I’m running the same exact ad “Buy Widgets” set up in 3 different ad groups. I only have one keyword – widgets – in each Ad Group. Ad Group #1 is exact match [widgets”. Ad Group #2 …
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Keyword by country Jan 13, 2009
How do I find out IN ANALYTICS without doing a report which keywords are used by country/city? If xxxxx is used 5 times how do I find out where the users are located for this specific search term? Thanks
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Broad match Jan 12, 2009
I have always be afraid of using broad match. Here is Google’s definition *With broad match, the Google AdWords system automatically runs your ads on relevant variations of your keywords, even if these terms aren’t in your keyword lists. Keyword variations can include synonyms, singular/plural forms, relevant variants of your keywords, and …
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