Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

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“Considering PPC [pay per click” and SEO [search engine optimization”, what would be a good strategy to go after higher conversion rates? Investing first in a PPC campaign to determine the highest keywords that convert, or first optimizing the website for a myriad of keywords to find the highest converters?”

New AdSense Layouts Available for Publishers
Webmaster World

“I would love … another option that would split the leader board into two. So in other words we could have one banner showing the first two ads at the top of the page and the second ad showing the third and fourth ads at the bottom of the page.”

Does Keyword In URL Matter?
High Rankings Forum

“…the keyword-rich URL is only generally one keyword phrase. I don’t know about you guys, but I optimize my sites for hundreds of keyword phrases, sometimes. How can a keyword-rich domain help me there? It can’t.”

How to Optimize a Web Page Checklist
ihelpyou Forums

“My boss has asked me to write something on how to optimize a web page. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I’d love to get feedback from the many experts here on these tips. Which of them are good, which are controversial, off, irrelevant, disputed, outdated, harmful, etc.”

Tracking Words or Sets

“I will have to go with specific words; deep-leveled quantifiable data are always helpful. Tracking the terms in a group will suffice a smaller campaign, but it appears to me that your campaign isn’t all that small in nature.”

Google Camouflage

“Like good military camouflage, is the new Google pattern not to have a pattern. Let’s face it most of SEO [search engine optimization” is based on pattern recognition, if you obscure the pattern enough you neutralize the enemy.”

Popularity Versus Use Of Keywords
High Rankings Forum

“Is it possible, that a page can end up with top position in the search results maybe because of high popularity (many backlinks) even though the page – judged on keywords – has a very low relevance?”

Search Engine Implication Of Using CSS Rather Than Tables
High Rankings Forum

“So has anyone here done this and then looked at their web stats to see what effect, if any, it had on the search engine performance.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Search Headlines from Around the Web
SearchDay, Aug. 21, 2003

Today’s SearchDay features headlines only as we wrap up the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, California.

Lycos Upgrades Tools for Webmasters
SearchDay, Aug. 20, 2003

Terra Lycos has updated its InSite paid inclusion program to woo non-technical users who are new to search engine marketing, but even veteran search engine marketers may want to take a second look.

Search Engines Uncover Compromising Documents
SearchDay, Aug. 19, 2003

Using a search engine and free software tools, it’s possible to dig up hidden — even deleted — information in documents posted to public web sites.

AltaVista Introduces Search Toolbar
SearchDay, Aug. 18, 2003

AltaVista has launched a Search Toolbar that lets you search its web, news and multimedia catalogs while visiting any page on the web.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Yahoo Branching Out its Search Roots Aug 22 2003 11:02AM GMT
Promotion Tip: European Search Engines
Net Mechanic Aug 22 2003 8:49AM GMT
Google: Here, There, And Everywhere
Yahoo Aug 22 2003 8:29AM GMT
Google Rolls Out New Contextual Ad Units
AtNewYork Aug 22 2003 8:06AM GMT buoyed by Internet biz
China Daily Aug 22 2003 7:03AM GMT
Microsoft tools its Web search engine
CNET Aug 21 2003 11:43PM GMT
Study: Threat of lawsuits is curbing online music piracy Aug 21 2003 9:40PM GMT
File-swapper fights RIAA subpoena
CNET Aug 21 2003 8:21PM GMT
Search Engine Marketing Forces Unite
AtNewYork Aug 21 2003 6:40PM GMT
Search engine wars heat up
USA Today Aug 21 2003 12:28PM GMT
Anti-spam legislation not effective, FTC chief says
Computer Weekly Aug 21 2003 12:04PM GMT
Are You Ready To Hire a Search Engine Optimization Firm?
Search Engine Guide Aug 21 2003 11:22AM GMT
Search Engine Marketing is Booming
WebTalkGuys Radio Aug 20 2003 8:16PM GMT
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