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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank

Battling Click Fraud is Important for All Involved
Every pay-per-click advertiser sees the presence of click fraud, as does every search engine. We’re just disagreeing about the numbers. Both sides need to acknowledge that a certain level of click fraud exists, and work together to diminish its impact.
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SEW Expert - David Szetela David

Best-Kept Secret in PPC? Part II
Last week’s discussion of Google Conversion Optimizer generated a flood of user questions. It seems the promise of simplifying the time-consuming, complicated chore of regulating keyword bids is especially appealing to advertisers.
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SEW Expert - Elisabeth Osmeloski Elisabeth

2009 is a Year of Change for Travel Search Marketing
The economy is forcing travel search marketers to change the way they approach online marketing. The travel vertical is already one of the most advanced groups of search marketers, but the industry has been under more pressure in recent months to make their campaigns count.
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What’s a Yahoo Advertiser to Do?
By Cameron Jonsson
The notion that Yahoo wants to help its advertisers is comforting, but the way that they are going about it is questionable. It’s clear that the beneficiaries of Yahoo’s new “automated optimization” strategy are not the advertisers…but a small change in the program could make it work for everyone.

News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google AdWords Launches New Traffic Model for Ad Planner
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 30, 2009

Last year, Google launched Ad Planner as a way to help media buyers plan their advertising campaigns. Now, they’ve updated their traffic models to improve planning. Here are the updates: Added Unique Visitors (cookies), a new cookie-based metric, to help you cross-check and compare metrics, similar to Google Analytics unique visitor metrics.Changed …
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Live Search Launches Firefox Search Suggestion Add-On
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 30, 2009

Live Search has released an add-on for Firefox, interesting since Firefox is a competitor to Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer. The add-on enables search suggestions when using Live Search in the search box on Firefox. The add-on is available for Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom, …
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YouTube Makes Annotations Easier
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 30, 2009

YouTube is making it easier for users to add annotations to their videos. Now, you can simply log in and annotate away. Still, they are keeping the separate annotations editor intact in case you want more control. In addition, it’s also now easier to add links to other YouTube pages in …
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Higher Education and Travel Industry Headed to SES London 2009
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jan 30, 2009

According to the organizers of SES London 2009, it looks like attendance will be up this year. While this may come as a surprise to some, Matt McGowan, Publisher of the conference series in addition to its sister sites ClickZ and Search Engine Watch, says, â””Attendance figures are up …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Naming Pages & Keywords Jan 29, 2009
Hi What is the latest wisdom on targeting keywords by using keywords in the page name? For example: if I wanted to target “blackberry server setup” I would use “blackberry-setup.html” or blackberry-server-setup.html. What if you were to use longer page names based on 4 or 5 keywords? Is there a suggested maximum number …
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From Static to Dynamic Jan 29, 2009
We have a 1700 page static, HTML site that needs to be converted to a dynamic site. This site is very old (launched in 1995) and ranks very well for thousands of competitive keywords, some of which are extremely competitive. For instance, it ranks on the first page in Google, Yahoo, …
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Do you hear that loud sucking sound? Jan 22, 2009
It’s Yahoo slowly spinning around the toilet on its way to the sanitation plant. Logged into a client account this morning. In every campaign just about every meaningful, high converting and high volume KW has been turned to “Inactive – bid too low”. The suggested min bid is about 3 times …
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