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Google Mobile Advertising: Start Now!
» CONTENT ADVERTISING: Learn key differences between search and contextual ad campaigns
Mobile advertising revenue is expected to dwarf current ad spend on search and content networks. Understanding the dynamics of mobile search advertising is an essential starting point to creating great mobile content ad campaigns.
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Marchex Consolidates Ad Platforms
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Marchex has announced the consolidation of its local ad platforms into one solution, which will offer CPC ads on 200 partner sites as well as Marchex’s own network of 100,000 generic and local domains.
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Q&A with June Li, Founder and Managing Director of ClickInsight
Posted by Greg Jarboe
With SES Toronto coming up June 16-18, 2008, we interviewed June Li, the founder and managing director of ClickInsight.
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Google Opens Location-Aware Application to 3rd Party Developers
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Last year, a Google maps for mobile upgrade included the “My Location” feature. It allows users to find out where they are even if their phones don’t have GPS. Now Google is opening up the application to 3rd party developers.
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Yahoo’s Call for Search Developers: Bad Timing?
Posted by Nathania Johnson
In the midst of preparing for a proxy board fight brought on by Carl Icahn, the Yahoo! Search team has put out a call for new employees.
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Google Webmaster Central Blog Addresses Duplicate Content Issues
Posted by Nathania Johnson
There are two primary types of duplicate content: that which occurs within a domain, and the kind that happens across domains. Both kinds should be addressed by content owners.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Hoaxes, Widgets and Other Fringe LinkBait
Posted by AussieWebmaster
The recent hoax about a 13-year-old ordering hookers on his father’s credit card started an interesting conversation about link bait. Obviously, this was an extreme example, but the responses seem to show that, as a group, our industry has very differing views on what is legitimate link bait.
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SEO & SEM Tools?
Posted by weblearner
What are some of the best SEO & SEM tools out there?
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Embedding Keywords in HTML
Posted by scoccaro
Has anybody else come across the idea of naming your

containing elements with keyword-rich names?
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