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Yahoo Finally Changes DTC to Enhance User Experience – NOT!
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Yahoo Search Marketing’s promised changes leave advertisers wondering where the improvements are after 6 months in development. Members demand answers and firm timelines.”

AdSense Rich Media Beta
Webmaster World

“I just received an invitation to be part of the big G’s Rich Media AdSense program. Has anybody heard of this yet? They ask for a variety of CPM [cost per thousand” rates. I’ve never done CPM just done AdSense.”

Zip Code Range Optimization
Cre8asite Forums

“I was wondering if anyone had any practical knowledge to know if any of the search engines would optimize for a range of zip code?”

Stars Next To Your Site In The Listings
High Rankings Forum

“It’s got nothing to do with rankings, but the idea is to make your listing stand out from the rest. I think it can do that well if done tastefully. BUT…sometimes those characters aren’t rendered correctly by all browsers and it can make weird characters appear in your Title. That can probably hurt more than help.”

GOOG – After Hours Trading Google Stock Down 12-15%
Webmaster World

“There’s never been any doubt that at some point there’d be a correction to the stock price and consequently to each of their personal on-paper positions. They’re still immensely successful, immensely wealthy, and not likely to change anything about how they run the business.”

H1, H2, H3 Placement, per W3C standards
High Rankings Forum

“It’s intended as a sub-ordinal system. Any H1 should apply to the entire page. Any H2 should apply to content within that page, and any H3 should apply to content within an H2, etc.”

Google Toolbar 4 for IE
Webmaster World

“This toolbar appears to me as a kind of mortar to help keep the pieces together, like a software as service application or a virtual desktop- or at least that’s the direction it seems to be taking.”

Up The Creek With Google AdWords Broad Match
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The broad match feature in Google AdWords went a little too far for this member, but neither does he want to exact or phrase match everything. Advice and thoughts on narrowing the broad?”

Buying Links and Google
High Rankings Forum

“…where paid links are concerned, I think Matt has made it very clear that all that Google is going to do is ignore the paid links it discovers. That undermines the value-derived-from-PageRank models but it doesn’t in any way affect the models that assign and negotiate value for other reasons.”

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Judge postpones Google subpoena hearing
CNET Feb 3 2006 6:23AM GMT
Google Asking AdSense Publishers for Rich Media Ads Rate Suggestions?
Search Engine Round Table Feb 3 2006 6:09AM GMT
Google Sales Chief Hints At Expansion Into TV, Other Media
Media Post Feb 3 2006 5:58AM GMT
Execs: Users Demand Free Online Content
Media Post Feb 3 2006 5:27AM GMT
Google’s footprint grows Feb 3 2006 5:26AM GMT
New: New, Institute of Politics at Harvard Opens Up Video Archive to the Public
ResourceShelf Feb 3 2006 5:22AM GMT
Kevin Lee on Google’s Quarterly Earnings Report and the SEM Industry
ClickZ Today Feb 3 2006 5:19AM GMT
Lycos Selects Technology For Ad Management System
Netimperative Feb 3 2006 5:17AM GMT
Oops, Specs for Dell Computers Found in Google Cache
Search Engine Watch Feb 3 2006 5:13AM GMT
Bigdaddy progress update
Matt Cutts Feb 3 2006 5:12AM GMT
Gracenote: The Music Info Database You’ve Used But Possibly Know Little About
Search Engine Watch Feb 3 2006 5:11AM GMT
Budde Outlines Yahoo News Future
Media Post Feb 3 2006 4:19AM GMT
Australia: Will the real TrueLocal please stand up?
Sydney Morning Herald Feb 3 2006 4:18AM GMT
PubSub, Rollyo Offer Web Search Services The Big Engines Don’t
Wall Street Journal Feb 3 2006 4:00AM GMT
Laziness And Personalization In Phoenix
Search Insider/Media Post Feb 1 2006 4:37PM GMT

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