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Should Google Buy Twitter?
If Google were to buy Twitter and keep it as a free tool, it would give them the hottest thing in social media right now and an area that could use some help with tracking success. Left to its own devices, Twitter could create a large chink in Google’s armor.
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The Great Career Debate: SEM In-House Team vs. SEM Agency
By Joanna Lord
Although the list of unique challenges facing both groups is long, there are key differences to consider before you take a job in-house or with an agency. By looking at the typical client, budget, and tools/resources available for each group, you can better evaluate which career path is right for you.
SEW Expert - David Szetela David

One PPC Landing Page, Infinite Faces
Creating custom landing pages for PPC ads can help boost your conversion rates by percentage points. With a few simple lines of code, a landing page can be created with content that can be changed by marketers depending on the link that the user clicked on.
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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

Solve Your Call Tracking Problems Now!
Tracking calls has long been seen as a Holy Grail of tracking promotions. The good news? That Holy Grail is available and possible for marketers of every size.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Duplicated Confusion: The Canonical Edict From The Big Three
Posted by Frank Watson Feb 13, 2009

So virtually everyone has weighed in on the new instructions from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Apparently there should be joy in the cesspool today – the search gods have shown us the way to clean up part of the confusion with canonical pages in our industry. Okay, I know that sounds …
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Google Dropping Radio Ads, Selling Radio Automation Business
Posted by Frank Watson Feb 13, 2009

Spring has come a little early for Google, as their spring cleaning continues with the dropping of radio ads from AdWords and AdSense announced today, the company announced today. The dropping of Print Ads last week and search box from Gmail, now this, will Susan Wojcicki, VP of Product Management be …
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Sony Re-Signs Contract With YouTube
Posted by Nathania Johnson Feb 13, 2009

Recently, the contracts that major recording labels have with YouTube have come up for renewal. But there was some speculation that the labels might not renew because they were no longer happy with the terms that YouTube was setting. Now, at least one of those labels, Sony, has re-signed a contract …
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YouTube Tests Downloading; Offers Creative Commons
Posted by Nathania Johnson Feb 12, 2009

In the ongoing effort to monetize, YouTube is now testing letting partners offer downloadable videos. Partners can allow downloads for free or for pay via Google Checkout, which requires a fee. Partners testing the free downloads are educational, including Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley and UCTV. Partners testing the paid downloads include …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Paid Links vs. Free Directory Links Feb 5, 2009
Hi There – I use a service to get directory links. The directory links are topically related and the links are free, while the service is not (but they do only charge a nominal fee for the links). The links go into place slowly. This service has an …
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Permanent 301 redirect, changed domain not indexing….help! Feb 6, 2009
hi everyone, i have moved my blog to a new domain name and set a 301 permanent redirect to the new(its an old domain) domain name. My previous domain has approx. 90 pages all indexed. The pages of the new domain name arent getting index. Can someone tell me how long …
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Lazy SEO Feb 10, 2009
I have talked to a few people that have recently paid SEO companies to optimize their website and I have noticed similar techniques used that I am unsure are black, white or grey hat. The site is basically one big image, possibly a menu, but all the wording is within …
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