SearchDay: Obama, McCain Victories Tied to Adwords Spend?

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Search Engine Watch Expert - Kevin Ryan
Carl Icahn Can’t Save Yahoo
» SEARCHING FOR MEANING: Industry oversight, insight, and best practices
The public exchange between Icahn and Yahoo management is just the latest round of treating symptoms while ignoring the illness. As is often the case when corporate spats go public, lots of questions remain in the minds of searchers, search marketers, Yahoo shareholders, Microsoft employees, and the general public.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Tim Ash
Uncovering Site Problems for Landing Page Optimization, Part 1
» BY THE NUMBERS: Understanding Web Analytics and ROI
How do you find problems with your landing page hidden in your test results? Instead of waiting only for good news, filter it out instead. Accentuate the negative. Focus on problems and things that are askew.
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Google’s Greenberger Ties Obama, McCain Victories to Adwords Spend
Posted by Nathania Johnson
More than any previous election, search advertising will influence the vote of the presidential election. Google, in its ever-present planning for the future, planned for this shift when it employed Peter Greenberger as part of its sales team. Greenberger’s job is to convince candidates that advertising on Google search is essential to political success.
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Yahoo Exec Set to Bail?
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Yahoo’s Jeff Weiner, Network Division Executive Vice President, is rumored to be leaving the company after a month’s long paternity leave.
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Microsoft Launches Beta Release of SearchTogether Plugin
Posted by Nathania Johnson
SearchTogether is a free Internet Explorer plugin that allows groups to collaborate on search.
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Yahoo! Says Severance Plan Unlikely to Cost $2.4 Billion
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Yahoo has filed an FAQ with the SEC defending its severance plan and attempting to explain why the $2.4 billion number put forth by critics is unreliable.
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New Version of Google Trends Released
Posted by Nathania Johnson
The latest version includes a numeric metric dubbed ‘relative scaling’ and the ability to export trends data.
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Sergey Brin: Astronaut or Cosmonaut?
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, is planning a trip to outer space in 2011, according to a report in the New York Times.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Google Behavioral Targeting?
Posted by Discovery
Is Google using behavioral targeting already? I had heard there were announcements that this would happen with the acquisition of DoubleClick, but I have had no notice that it was in practice.
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SEO & SEM Tools?
Posted by weblearner
What are some of the best SEO & SEM tools out there?
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Search: The next five years.
Posted by Mike Grehan
There is no doubt in my mind that search is predominantly the way that people will find things online. And a useful tool/resource such as a search aggregator is bound to make life easier when it comes to finding your stuff. But that would mean you wouldn’t need to go to the Google interface or Yahoo! or MSN, or anywhere else for that matter.
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