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“Because our secure pages (checkout pages where credit card info is taken) are hosting on a different server from the rest of our site we cannot track abandonment between the initial shopping cart and final checkout confirmation. Furthermore our site is not converting particularly well, and we don’t get great data about conversion from particular sources. I need help figuring out where our issues are.”

Why Would Anyone Bid $5.00 Per Click
Webmaster World

“I noticed a large gap between the first and second position in some of the Overture bids that I am at a loss to explain. Example: Top bid: $5.00 Second bid: $1.01 Third bid: $0.85 and so on. Is it just that the guy setting up the $5.00 campaign is a bit lazy at management?”

Search Engines and AdSense

“Can anyone tell me how does the presence of advertisements that are served up remotely by a third party affect search engine rankings? Can the spiders ‘see’ such ads?”

Geo-Targeting Content – Search Engine Optimization Implications?
Best Practices

“Put a link to the localised sites, don’t use IP delivery unless there is a legal or other reason other than [search engine” strategy for doing a redirect. Many companies have localised sites – it’s when you start to try and direct that traffic that you are taking on risk. Besides the user may have a reason for not going to the localised site, in that case you may be blocking them from what they want with your redirect strategy.”

Google Shows a Map to Your House
Cre8asite Forums

“If there is any new danger here, it might be that Google’s removal procedure will tend to give people a false sense of security. … Electronic phone books are ubiquitous and your address will still be available in a hundred other ways and places.”

Google Tweaks Local Search Out of the Labs
Webmaster World

“This new feature enables users to find relevant local information with neighborhood business listings, maps, directions, and useful web pages.”

What Does Traffic Estimator Include?
Webmaster World

“Does Traffic Estimator include traffic from Google’s distribution network?”

Indexing Pages in Hebrew

“There are no inherent reasons why the Hebrew character set should inhibit crawling. Certainly if it were the case, I’m sure we would have heard about it previously.”

Yahoo, What Gives? How Do You Tell If You’re Penalized?
Webmaster World

“Why hasn’t Yahoo dealt with this problem? … If they charged a fee to review a site, they could even make a profit or at a minimum cover the cost of setting this up.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Kanoodle Joins Contextual Advertising Fray
SearchDay, Mar. 18, 2004

Kanoodle has joined the competition between Overture and Google for distributed search marketing dollars, launching a content-targeted sponsored links program.

Google Pushes Local Search Into the Limelight
SearchDay, Mar. 17, 2004

Google has officially moved local search out of Google Labs and into beta, introducing several noteworthy new features at the same time.

Ask Google: What Does the Web Think Of…
SearchDay, Mar. 16, 2004

Curious to know what the web has to say about a person, place or thing? An amusing tool searches Google and shows you what website owners think about the name or topic you enter.

Onfolio: A Powerful New Web Research Assistant
SearchDay, Mar. 15, 2004

Managing web research just got a lot easier, and a lot more fun, thanks to a new program called Onfolio.

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