Highlights from the SEW Blog: October 15-19, 2007

We’ve collected all the search marketing news from selected posts to the Search Engine Watch blog in the past week, along with recent search-related headlines from around the Web.

From the SEW blog:

Organic Search

Search Advertising

Linking Issues & Social Media

Analytics & ROI

  • SEW Experts: The Real Impact of Blended Search
    Since the major engines have introduced blended and universal search results, they have seen increased traffic to their video and image sites.
  • Microsoft Claims Google Gets Too Much Credit
    Brian McAndrews, senior vice president of Microsoft’s Advertiser Publisher Solutions Group stated during a panel discussion at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco Thursday that Google is getting too much credit for conversions when they are the last place someone visits before making a purchase.
  • Google Analytics Update
    Google added new site search reporting and event tracking features to Google Analytics, and revealed the long-awaited update to the Urchin software.

Local & Mobile Search

Vertical & Specialty Search

Small Business/Big Brand SEM

In-House & Outsourcing

SEM Industry Issues

Searching/Search Technologies

More from the SEW Blog

Search Headlines

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