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Who Cares If Google’s A Portal
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Danny Sullivan sparks an interesting conversation with a SearchCast listener regarding Google’s past and future as a portal.”

Don’t Enable GoogleBot To Delete All Your Pages
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“A person accidently left open ‘edit’ links on the front end of the content. GoogleBot clicked away and kept on clicking, hitting the delete button, until all the pages on the site have been deleted.”

Local Search Still Not Cutting the Mustard
Small Business Ideas Forum

“What’s disappointing is that despite the investments poured into local search by top engines like Yahoo and Google, the Internet search engine satisfaction rate of 39% is the same that it was last year, meaning that despite the new offerings, users aren’t finding it any easier to get what they want.”

Private Search Engines Explored
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“I depend on RSS searches. I subscribe with my RSS reader to Yahoo News searches, Google News searches and some blog search engines (although I find myself skipping over the search results of blog RSS searches more often these days).”

Anyone Checking Out ecomXpo?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Lots of people from here presented at the last one like Nacho and can’t remember who else. I think it’s great that they added the SEO/SEM section to expand beyond affiliate marketing – since no one else is really doing online expos in the SEO space.”

Google “biggest threat to privacy” in Genetics DB Plan
Webmaster World

“Search giant Google has been accused of being the ‘biggest threat to genetic privacy’ for its alleged plan to create a searchable database of genetic information.”

Expanding Your Site for AdSense Success
Webmaster World

“Anyone can build a megasite; you might need to learn a programming language, develop a fancy data-mining algorithm, and study internet addiction, but anyone with an idea, some free time, and the burning desire to make it exist can build such a website.”

High Rankings Forum

“These folks don’t understand XHTML, and they’re apparently working to some kind of forumula that doesn’t allow them to think outside the box. Well, actually, they’re apparently not thinking at all, inside or outside the box. As jetboy says, they should be looking at those H1, H2, H3 tags as an opportunity.”

Is AdWords Good For “Non-Product” Websites?
Cre8asite Forums

“I used AdWords to bring visitors into new pages that I feel are highly linkable and which do not yet rank well for terms that I am targeting. My hope is to get a couple of links from this traffic.”

Google Bowling Analysis and Thoughts
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“…I’d sure like to know how to ‘un’ GoogleBowl a site. I have a couple of supporters with hundreds of site-wide’s pointing at me … so my guess is I should ask them to change their anchor text and randomize it. They were only trying to help, but yea, I can see how this would appear as a unnatural linking pattern…”

Ask and PPC Advertising
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Are you using the new PPC [pay per click” advertising platform? Join the discussion and share some basic data about impressions, CTR [click through rates” and conversions.”

I Don’t Know Where To Go From Here
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Instead of concentrating on Google rankings (which you can’t control), get proactive with some things you can control. …Next thing you know, you’ll be so busy with selling stuff you won’t have time to worry about your Google rankings.”

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