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Nevada Federal Court Rules that Google “Cache” Not Copyright Violation
Webmaster World

“A Nevada federal court has ruled that the cached versions of Web pages that Google stores and offers as a part of many search results are not copyright infringement.”

Effectiveness of Link Popularity Decreasing?
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“Does Google’s apparent de-valuing of reciprocal links lead you to believe that the concept of link popularity is going to decrease in importance altogether in the near future? And, if so, how might Google compensate for the loss of this ranking factor?”

Yahoo Reaffirms Commitment to Search
Webmaster World

“Yahoo is still very much committed to search, the company said in response to a media report claiming that the company had conceded the search battle to Google.”

Big News for AdWords Junkies a Google AdWords Editor
Webmaster World

“AdWords Editor is Google’s free, downloadable account management application for your computer. Now you can download your AdWords account to your computer, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns.”

Would You Subscribe or Read a Print SEO Pub?
Cre8asite Forums

“I got a press release about a new print magazine for SEO/M’s called Search Marketing Standard. …I like glossy pages and in-depth articles myself, but these days, I rarely subscribe to print pubs due to blogs and RSS Feeds. Even with a free subscription offer, I’m still looking for a really really good reason to subscribe.”

Are Google’s Guidelines Harmfully Confusing? Yes.
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Although there are some hints, as Jill found, in the guidelines that Google may not like this – there are also hints to encourage webmasters to gain links. It’s not clear, it’s confusing and I believe harmfully so.”

Frames to non-frames
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Search engines have never liked frames, and a member is finally about to jump away from them. Anyone with advice to soothe his worries?”

Google Agrees To Chinese Censorship
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Don’t you know?… Complying with your own government is a violation of your rights. Complying with another government is a good business relationship.”

If 50 Websites Optimize Properly
High Rankings Forum

“So how does Google decide which 10 pages to put first? It hardly matters from Google’s perspective because they really have a few hundred pages that would be 100% relevant and 100% authoritative…”

Morning Paid Clicks Worth More Than Evening Clicks?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Good morning early searcher? Are you worth more to advertisers than your PM counterparts?”

AdWords Getting Large: 4 Lines
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“A member here sent me a screen capture of an AdWords result for California weather search. The first listing was four lines. I doubt this was a test, maybe a bug?”

Tools Used for Usability Analysis
Cre8asite Forums

“What are the tools used for usability analysis (as a usability analyst) or the tools an Information Architecture use.”

How the Search Marketing Industry Shot Itself in the Foot
Small Business Ideas Forum

“It’s about increasing sales and qualified traffic and that’s not always as closely tied to rankings as people think they are. Again…there are only ten top spots, but there’s room for more than ten companies to succeed in a certain area.”

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FTD: Online Search Misstep Cost Sales Jan 27 2006 1:44AM GMT
New Magazine for Search Engine Marketers called Search Marketing Standard
Search Engine Round Table Jan 27 2006 1:41AM GMT
Whalen: Get Rich Quick SEO
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Lights, Camera, Point and Click!
Search Engine Guide Jan 27 2006 1:38AM GMT
Search Fears Spark Web Anonymizers
eWeek Jan 27 2006 1:36AM GMT
Microsoft Announces Two New Research Labs: Live Labs and Search Labs
CNET Jan 27 2006 1:34AM GMT
Court: Google caches aren’t copyright infringement
CNET Jan 27 2006 1:18AM GMT
SEO Advice: linkbait and linkbaiting
Matt Cutts Jan 27 2006 1:18AM GMT
Google AdSense begins rich media beta test
JenSense Jan 27 2006 1:15AM GMT
Brin Speaks On China & Looking At What’s Filtered
Search Engine Watch Jan 27 2006 1:14AM GMT
askSam Offers New Databases (Free) : Search Every State of the Union Speech; U.S. Copyright Law and More
ResourceShelf Jan 27 2006 1:12AM GMT
Online Job Ad Revenue Triples
Media Post Jan 27 2006 1:08AM GMT
Pontiac Says: Google Proves It
Searchblog Jan 27 2006 1:06AM GMT
Securing a Marketing-Rich Domain Name
Search Engine Guide Jan 25 2006 11:36PM GMT
Yahoo Helping Splogs and Google Earn Money?
Search Engine Round Table Jan 25 2006 11:34PM GMT

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