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SEW Expert - Melissa Mackey Melissa

Can Bing Really Bring It for PPC Advertisers?
Advertisers want to know if Bing can really provide a new experience for searchers, or if it’s just with a cooler name. Bing may not be for everyone, but as a PPC marketer, I like what I see.
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Link Marketing for Drop Shipping Retailers
It can be challenging to develop links for drop shipping sites, since many of these sites are selling the exact same products. Finding a unique angle to separate your site from the rest of the pack is the key to link development.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Newcomb Kevin

Putting the M Back in SEM
If you wait around long enough, anything will come back in style. Now that the link economy has sprung up, flourished, and begun to recede, marketers are once again paying attention to customer needs.
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How’s Your Whuffie Doing?
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Jun 12, 2009

This week at SES Toronto, Tara Hunt shared some insights from her new book, The Whuffie Factor. In Hunt’s definition, “whuffie” is social capital, composed of reputation, trust, connections, influence, and other factors. It becomes a kind of currency. As it turns out, her message was echoed elsewhere at Search Engine …
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Hitwise Adds to Good News for Bing
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Jun 12, 2009

We’ve already seen comScore and StatCounter report an auspicious start for Microsoft’s newly launched Bing search engine. Now, Hitwise shares Initial Bing Stats for US and Canada. According to Heather Dougherty, Hitwise’s director of research: In the US, Bing ranked 17th among all websites out of over 450,000 websites, up from …
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Three Lists from SES Toronto’s Social Media Panel
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Jun 12, 2009

In the “Social Media: Do Big Companies Get It?” panel at SES Toronto, it turned out that the three presenters each offered a checklist of sorts. Though they shared more insight than just this, it’s a handy way to sum up some of the knowledge they shared. First, we have 5 …
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Audience for Local Content Accessed by Mobile Devices Grows 51% in a Year
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 12, 2009

It’s no secret that the mobile internet is on the rise, and accessing local information while on-the-go is growing by leaps and bounds. The number of people accessing local content via mobile devices grew by 51% in March 2009 over March 2008, according to comScore. By far, the mobile browser is …
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adCenter Add-In for Excel Out of Beta, Rebranded to Microsoft Advertising Intelligence
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 12, 2009

adCenter has released its Add-In for Excel out of beta and has given it a brand new name: Microsoft Advertising Intelligence. The tool is available in the US, Canada, UK and France. The tool is designed to aid SEMs in their keyword research and optimization within adCenter. It includes keyword expansion, …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Wondering if this strategy is “legal” per AdWords Jun 11, 2009
One of my clients is in the language-learning software business which is currently dominated by Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone now runs 3 concurrent Google Ads which takes you to 3 different websites:,, and I thought it was a violation of AdWords guidelines for one company to …
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Does microsoft provide any tool to view the listings across different markets? Jun 10, 2009
HI, Can anyone tell me if there is some tool to check the listings across the world. My listings are targetted to the different geographical locations, and i want to check if listings are showing up. Does Microsoft provide such kind of tool(like Google’s Ad Preview tool) thanks
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Googlebot and geolocation scripts Jun 9, 2009
Hi guys, I need some help. Frankly im stumped. I have a client who is using the geobytes Geodirection tool. For those who do not know what this is internet geolocation – showing different content to different geographical locations. For instance, different countries. My question is how does this effect Googlebot. if somebody …
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