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SEW Expert - Herndon Hasty Herndon
Share Your Way to Better SEO
SEO campaigns often become bottled up in silos and never reach their full potential. SEO covers many different areas of your business, so sharing information and strategies across all possible lines is not only preferable, but should be a required part of any engagement.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric
Selling SEO Projects Against PPC Campaigns
Search advertising is familiar and attractive to budget managers, like a trusted old friend. So how are you going to get some of that PPC budget for your SEO proposal?
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
3 Common Social Media Mistakes
Judging by the amount of media coverage of sites like Twitter and Facebook, a company might think they need to invest heavily in those areas ASAP. They might be wrong.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron
Blogs and Blogging 101, Part 1
Search engines will reward a site that has quality content with good rankings. For many sites, one of the easiest ways to add that quality content on a consistent basis is by starting a blog.
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Google Launches Adwords API v2009
Posted by Frank Watson Jun 30, 2009

Thanks to Thomas Bindl at Refined Labs for pointing out the launch of a new Adwords API – v2009. Seems they have created an entirely new API that offers some interesting new services. * We’ve created new web services for managing campaign targeting options and campaign-level …
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AOL Canada Relaunches Homepage, Makes You Thirsty for Pepsi
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 30, 2009

AOL Canada has relaunched their homepage and in case you couldn’t tell, Pepsi has bought some advertising (Click on image to enlarge): The relaunch is based on the update of the homepage in the U.S last fall. That relaunch has been good to AOL, with increases of 23% in unique …
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Enter the Search Engine Watch Awards by July 17, 2009
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jun 30, 2009

You only have a couple of weeks left to submit an entry to this year’s Search Engine Watch Awards. The deadline is July 17, 2009. The objective of the SEW Awards is to recognize excellence, as well as inspire innovation and encourage new ideas in search marketing. The SEW …
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CareerBuilder Taps Bing API for New Candidate Search Tool
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 30, 2009

At the Society for Human Resource Management Conference, CareerBuilder announced a new recruiting tool built with the Bing API. It’s called Applicant Explorer and it uses the API to integrate online results such as social networking sites, blogs, and corporate websites with CareerBuilder’s results. “One of our key goals with Bing …
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Microsoft, Publicis Form Ad Partnership; Is Sale of Razorfish Involved?
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 30, 2009

Microsoft and advertising agency Publicis have formed a advertising alliance, according to ClickZ. The partnership involves online advertising as well as a TV ad exchange. This could put a damper on Google’s inititave to create a tv ad exchange. Google is also a partner with Publicis, with the companies having …
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Google Testing Logo Sizes in Search Results?
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 30, 2009

Philip Lenssen over at Google Blogoscoped noticed a variance in the size of Google logos in the search results from browser to browser. I did a little experimenting and noticed the same thing. On Firefox and Safari, the Google logo is proportionately smaller than on IE and Chrome for me. Check …
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Google Invites News Partners to Share Video
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 30, 2009

Google is inviting the more than 25,000 news sources that partner with them for Google News to share professional news videos to YouTube. They’ll be able to host videos on YouTube for free once being approved as a YouTube Partner. YouTube’s news partners get featured placement on the YouTube news page …
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CSI, Simpsons Ad Rates Now Higher for Online than TV
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 30, 2009

For the first time in history, some television programming is demanding higher ad rates online than it is for tv. Popular shows such as CSI and Simpsons are among those seeing the higher ad rates at such sites as and, according to Bloomberg. For a prime time ad, advertisers …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Microformats? Jun 30, 2009
hello friends Has any body embed microformats in your website? And if yes then can you share your website raking experience here so that others also can use it to better their site ranking on Google. Thanks in advance!
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Page Rank Sculpting? Jun 25, 2009
Google has recently made changes in its algorithm which is ‘No More Page Rank Sculpting’. Means balancing the page rank of your internal site links using Nofollow is the bad practice Now but I am still not clear with this change in algorithm. Can anyone explain it widely to understand …
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Backlinks vs Bounce rate Jun 24, 2009
I always thought bounce rate and visitor trending should be one of the key factors for your search engine rankings . It should be given more importance than links. Is it true ?
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