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Google Launches Search for Scholars
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Could this be the first big move to separate ‘pure/ academic’ search from the commercially tainted version?”

Adwords to Ban Affiliates?
Webmaster World

“Relevancy is an issue. If Google wants to maintain the most relevant results, it should limit the use of dynamic insertion in the headlines. Search results were far better before people started abusing this technique. If people actually have to make each individual ad, it is highly probably that the link URL will be highly relevant.”

MSN’s “Near Me” Search Button
High Rankings Forum

“The ‘Near Me’ search looks for address information on the pages of your web site itself, not in telephone directories and such. …the key, according to MSN is to have the address information configured in a way that the bot will understand what it is. And have it on every page of your site.”

The Difference In Traffic for #1 and #10?
SEO Chat Forums

“In retail it is my experience that if you are not on the first page you don’t sell much even if you have unique product and the lowest price on the web. However, once you are on the first page a sexy title tag will work absolute wonders.”

Robots.txt & Security Issues
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…These threads provide excellent posts on the use of robots text files as resource tools in web properties. However, none of them discuss the security risks that could be associated with robots text files. While this subject is nothing new, I feel it wont hurt if we revisit the risks associated with these files.”

Keywords and Tags
Virtual Promote Forums

“Text within a heading should denote something important — both for the visitor and for the search engine. You’re essentially saying, hey, this is the most important thing on the page. That’s WHY putting keywords into H tags [header tags” is effective for SEO [search engine optimization”.”

How Do I Answer the Question “Why Validate”
Cre8asite Forums

“…writing code that might fail for 1 in 10 of a site’s visitors, or more, is irresponsible if a client expects the site to work.”

One year anniversary of the “Florida” Update
Webmaster World

“Can it happen again? … I am curious if we can expect another radical Google update right before the crucial holiday season. Many of us took a beating last year.”

Search Capability For My Site
High Rankings Forum

“I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for search aids I can add to one of my sites so visitors can search the site for info they need/want.”

What is the Future of the “Niche Directory”
Webmaster World

“…will the niche directory model need to evolve into something more than a list of websites to survive, or thrive, OR will there be room for ‘the lesser model’?”

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Alechemy: Local Ads Good As Gold
San Jose Business Journal Nov 19 2004 7:17AM GMT
Shoah Database Welcomed
Totally Jewish Nov 19 2004 7:07AM GMT
Search engines get more specifics
USA Today Nov 19 2004 6:36AM GMT Debuts Cash Back Program Nov 19 2004 6:12AM GMT
Tim Berners-Lee Presentation at MIT
Search Engine Watch Nov 19 2004 6:10AM GMT
SBC and Yahoo team up in TV, wireless
CBS MarketWatch Nov 19 2004 6:08AM GMT
Microsoft Is No Threat To Google — Yet
Business Week Nov 19 2004 5:02AM GMT
Many still await MSN, Yahoo email upgrades
ZDNet Nov 19 2004 3:16AM GMT
Google Professional Vs. Overture Ambassador
ClickZ Today Nov 19 2004 2:48AM GMT
Google hints at slowing growth
CNET Asia Nov 19 2004 2:43AM GMT
Google sees benefits in corporate blogging
InfoWorld Nov 19 2004 1:58AM GMT Turns into a Search Engine
Tech News World Nov 18 2004 7:34PM GMT
Opinion: Google Desktop Search Doesn’t Threaten Security, Privacy
eWeek Nov 18 2004 6:38PM GMT
Companies with the right staff get more value from analytics: Jupiter Nov 17 2004 10:17PM GMT
How to Use Search Engines to Market Engineering Equipment (Without Paying a Cent to Google)
Marketing Sherpa Nov 17 2004 4:15PM GMT

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