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Verify My Worry…
Search Engine Watch Forums

“A forum member has concerns about duplicate content and Google, which became its own session at the Search Engine Strategies Conference NYC.”

“We’re Not Paying” Until Our Rankings Improve…
High Rankings Forum

“Since you’re good at SEO [search engine optimization” have you ever seriously considered spending a bit of time creating your own e-comm sites instead of only working for others? Sounds silly and simplistic doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what I did.”

SEOs Spilling the Beans to Mr. Cutts
v7n Forum

“Of course John is right that SEO’s communicating to search engines is a good thing, but, businessmen play their cards close to their chest and would never disclose things to a third party that give them a competitive edge without some type of suitable return.”

MSN AdCenter Beta Participants?
High Rankings Forum

“My experience has been overall very good so far. I’m not crazy about the frame-based UI [user interface”, and many of my submitted keywords were rejected for unknown reasons, but the reporting is nice and flexible, the clicks are cheap (because there are so few advertisers), and I love the Targeting features!”

Google Offering Payment Option on GoogleBase
Webmaster World

“Google has added a feature to Google Base that allows merchants to handle payments through a user’s Google account. The feature effectively turns Google into an e-commerce platform for retail operators.”

Starting Your AdSense Business Using Free Blogs
Webmaster World

“When I first started out with AdSense, I had little money to spare on web hosting, and I knew nothing about how to get a site ranked in the search engines or to generate traffic. It took a lot of work, reading, experimenting and failure before I discovered great ways to build my AdSense business.”

Can Poor Usability Increase Conversions?
Cre8asite Forums

“What is your experience on the tipping point between increasing time on site and frustrating potential customers? What are good candidates for information that should not be too instantly available, or info that should always be a click away?”

Yahoo No Longer Allow Bidding On Trademarked Terms
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Interesting, and not unexpected. Trademark law is one of the 2 major sore points on any PPC [pay per click” system (click fraud being the other), and until the search engines, TM owners and courts figure out a commonly accepted group of guidelines it will continue to be. It’s made worse in that there really isn’t an international standard for how to handle conflicts of trademarks (which are local in nature) over the internet (which is international in nature).”

Wordtracker Vs Keyword Discovery
High Rankings Forum

“You can’t use any keyword research tool as an absolute- none of them measure all actual searches done in the world. What they are excellent for is for benchmarking, relative popularity, and alternate phrases.”

Teoma Merged With
Webmaster World

“The new features a slick, do-it-yourself toolbox that helps users refine more types of searches with the first click of their computer mouse for maps, images, dictionaries, weather, local info or documents stored on their computers.”

More Evidence That Links Pages Are Dead
Webmaster World

“So we have done an experiment that I would like to share with you all.”

Machiavellian SEO
High Rankings Forum

“I’m thinking about seeking to form a co-op of nine other sites … that will help each other develop and promote content based on our mutual widget. These sites that complement each other (not compete) would be focused on the same keywords, and ideally fill the Google Top 10. Thus pushing my (our) direct competition down the list.”

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