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AdWords Allows Site Specific Targeting
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Clients have been yammering for this since the whole ‘content network’ started. Looks like they’re going to have to pay for it though. Come discuss all about Site-Targeted Ads.”

The Future: Stuff I’ve Seen (SIS)
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Discussion on MSN’s Susan Dumais presentation in which the future of search and indexing is unveiled as ‘SIS’. Imagine a technology that can index what you’ve seen while browsing the Web, opening an email or chatting. You don’t want miss this topic!”

Changes in Google AdWords Ad Rankings Formula
Webmaster World

“The difference is that now, the CTR [click through rate” of the ad copy itself is factored in, instead of it being solely the CTR of the keyword.”

Yahoo Superunits of Signatures and Co-occurrence
Cre8asite Forums

“A Yahoo patent application was published on April 14th which describes a “concept index,” created from associations about the web in a somewhat new manner. …The motivation behind this new method appears to be to create an index that attempts to provide answers to queries based upon the way that people search.”

Comparison Strategies – Links, PPC, Advertising, Buying Links
Cre8asite Forums

“Many of you use different link and advertising campaigns to get the word out about your web site (s). How do you determine the right course of action? Does budget play a part in the decision, or ease of use, or the relationship between sites (such as linking to subject related sites.)?”

Identifying SEO Experts
High Rankings Forum

“What SEOs [search engine optimizers” should be … is partnered with experts in their respective SEO niches, i.e., they should have on staff or on contract, seo copywriters, link builders, programmers, designers, etc. A true SEO expert knows that they don’t know everything, but they also know who to call as necessary!”

Fake PageRank Scam
Virtual Promote

“My PageRank 10 domain is…”

Quick Keyword Suggestion Tool
High Rankings Forum

“Check out ‘s new search interface. Pretty cool- it shows you related searches and search counts as you type.”

Google FeedSense
Cre8asite Forums

“If bloggers are purposely offering only snippets in the hopes of earning more revenue from their blogs, than I am all for ads on feeds as long as they provide the complete posts and not just summaries in their feeds. But, please, not image ads!”

What Is the Strategy for Groupings In AdWords?
High Rankings Forum

“I find Overture very intuitive and, for the most part, user friendly. AdWords is fairly basic as well, however, the I haven’t quite figured out the best strategy for ‘groupings’ (lumping keywords together with one max CPC and a max daily budget).”

New “Link Police” in Google Algorithm?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Has Google finally said ‘enough is enough’ with link spam? By making reference to an article that triggers this discussion, members exchange ideas on link building at a more strategic level so that their efforts may be acceptable to the algorithm.”

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Google Maps, meet Craigslist real estate
CNET Apr 28 2005 11:38PM GMT
Europe rallies against Google library Apr 28 2005 11:29PM GMT
Online is the Destination for Local News
ClickZ Today Apr 28 2005 11:11PM GMT
Yahoo offers up 10 million free ads in contest
CNET Apr 28 2005 9:12PM GMT
A Free and Full Text Collection of U.S. History Reference Books
ResourceShelf Apr 28 2005 8:47PM GMT
New Anti-Google Domains & Others Not Owned By Google
Search Engine Watch Apr 28 2005 8:35PM GMT
ComScore: Shares of Search Market Static Year-Over-Year
Media Post Apr 28 2005 4:50PM GMT
Google’s Branded Advertising Ambitions Likely To Face Resistance From Top Marketers, Publishers
Media Post Apr 28 2005 4:41PM GMT
Yahoo Tests Search-Based Banner Ads
Extreme Tech Apr 28 2005 4:34PM GMT
But Is it Search?
Traffick Apr 28 2005 2:32PM GMT
The State of Video Search
Searchblog Apr 28 2005 2:31PM GMT
Google Turns Attention to RSS
ClickZ Today Apr 28 2005 7:59AM GMT
Ask Jeeves Reports Higher Earnings
CNET Apr 27 2005 9:43PM GMT
Google’s CPM Ads Meet Lukewarm Reception
ClickZ Today Apr 27 2005 6:23PM GMT
Bezos Spending Heavily To Boost Search, Marketing
Forbes Apr 27 2005 6:21PM GMT

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