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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Viral Link Building: Size Doesn’t Always Matter
Despite some popularly held ideas to the contrary, viral campaigns don’t need to be massive to be successful. You can have a small campaign that has a big impact in your industry or community. The power of viral marketing for link building comes from going after a targeted audience.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik

(Google) Insights on VP Candidate Sarah Palin
The recently announced Google Insights tool provides unprecedented data on Google’s user searches and trends. Here are three quick tips on how to leverage Google Insights, whether you’re running a Presidential race or a brand marketing campaign.
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

Landing Page Optimization — Insource or Outsource?
Landing page optimization and testing can lead to huge performance improvements across your online marketing programs. But how do you capture these gains? Should you outsource your testing program or “insource” it by doing everything in-house?
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

Rehabilitating SEO — Part 2
Time is a precious commodity, especially for search marketers. Every generation of Internet tools and technologies have to pass through time-waster adolescence. As an SEO, you need to recognize where in the continuum you are. Besides that, SEOs can spend entirely too much time heading in the wrong direction, a fact that is the epitome of counter-productivity.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google AdWords Now Provides Geographic Performance Report
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 4, 2008

Google AdWords has added Geographic Performance reports to their Report Center. Now, you can get a better snapshot of how your AdWords campaigns are faring in various locations. The Inside AdWords blog gave the following example of how you can use the new report: Say, for example, you sell and ship gourmet …
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As consumers cut back, marketers offer “recession specials”
Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 4, 2008

Earlier this week, comScore released the results of a study examining recent changes in consumer attitudes and perceptions about the state of the U.S. economy. The study found that consumers in all income segments are cutting back on spending due to concerns about the economy, and that they were …
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Google Adds Some Cities to Georgia Maps; Still Can’t Find Abkhazia
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 4, 2008

Recently, I examined various online maps for their ability to provide data in the country of Georgia, a Caucasus state which was recently invaded by Russia. Google left a lot to be desired, but today comes an announcement that more data has been added to their Georgia Maps. Notice in …
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Obama v. McCain in Online Display Ads, Video Views, and Searches
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 4, 2008

After two weeks of political conventions, comScore is releasing data regarding activity for the candidates of the two major political parties in the U.S. comScore has analyzed the online display ad views, website video views, and searches conducted for Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. Obama leads McCain in online …
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AOL’s Platform-A Launches iPhone Advertising Solution
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 4, 2008

AOL has announced that their ad-serving platform and network, Platform-A, is launching an iPhone ad optimization solution. The solution is offered through Third Screen Media and detects when web browsing is being conducted on an iPhone. AOL says the combination of the Third Screen Media mobile network gives Platform-A, which …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

WOW – Content & Search Split at last.! Sep 4, 2008
Happened to me in Mid Update Google finally split Content and Search. 1 minute ago. Caught me off guard! At last. Searchengineman
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Hidden Text – Does Google not care anymore? Sep 4, 2008
I stumbled across a website using a bunch of keywords in a ‘FONT color=#ffffff’ tag on a white background. This website still ranks in the first 10 results for most of these keywords. Has anyone had an experience with hidden text lately, does Google still care?
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Is there a way to find your organic average placement? Sep 3, 2008
I use Google Analytics to track my traffic and my site has received visits from Google (organic) from 176 different keywords, some I was surprised to seeÔï¿Â½Ã¯Â¿Â½Ô¯Ô¿Ô½ My question is how or can I see where I placed in those searches? I am trying to find out if searchers are going …
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