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Search Engine Watch Expert - Aaron Shear
Some New SEO Services Not So “Special”
» BIG BIZ: Big brands and large enterprises using search in the marketing mix
Many SEO agencies are running out of ways to draw in large clients, especially when so many offer little to no value over the next agency. This dilemma has given birth to new “special services,” which can set an agency apart. But beware: there are some unscrupulous agencies using these in ways that can sometimes be a threat to your rankings.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Kevin Heisler
Newspapers Bleed Red Ink: Death by Internet
» SEARCH ENGINE WARGAMES: How search engine innovations and technologies change our jobs
Journalists are a dying breed. Newspapers face death by Internet. It’s time to rethink journalism as a career choice.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Mark Jackson
SEO Quarterly Web Site Review: Villas of Distinction
» AU NATURAL: Organic search engine optimization strategy and tactics
This travel site already has three of the key ingredients to success: Web site depth, links to the site, and age of domain. The Web site is nice, but with just a little bit of attention to some details, it could generate a lot more organic search engine traffic.
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Adobe Provides Flash Technology to Google and Yahoo for Better Indexing
Posted by Nathania Johnson
For years SEOs have been faced with the inability of search engines to crawl Flash pages. But now Adobe is making an effort to keep Flash in the web development toolbox.
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Google Nixes AdSense Referrals, AdWords PPA; Rebrands DoubleClick Performics
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Users of AdSense Referrals and AdWords PPA are being pointed to the Google Affiliate Network, formerly known as DoubleClick Performics.
» Continue reading… Partners with Hearst’s White Directory Publishers
Posted by Nathania Johnson has announced a new advertising partnership with White Directory Publishers, a division of Hearst Holdings.
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Yahoo Releases Search Index Update
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Yahoo has announced its latest search index update. So, if you see a change up in your rankings, now you know why.
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If You Give Google A Cookie Jun 28, 2008
Okay guys I wrote a piece about the various comments on the Google cookie controversy. Check it out here ( and let me know what you think. Matt Cutts I know you have the alert on…. all sides gives best conversations
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Back to the Basics 2008: Keyword Research Jun 27, 2008
In today’s SEM Crossfire, “SEO Basics: Effective Iterative Keyword Research in 2008 (,” I describe many of the methods used by our team to perform keyword research. This Genesis process for all things search engine marketing related has evolved drastically in the last three years since primary dependence on …
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Questions for SEO’s & Moderators Jun 29, 2008
Questions for SEO’s & Moderators Hi, I have 4 “hard” questions, at least IMO, here they go, I hope others can learn from these as they aren’t the typical basic questions people ask over and over again. 1)I have a list of articles on my website. I am going to provide …
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