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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin
Trademark: The Next Generation
Last week’s Second Circuit Court ruling in the case of Rescuecom Corp. v. Google turned my head a bit when I first saw it, particularly because of a few notable items we haven’t seen before in trademark litigation.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric
Operating Web Sites in Multiple Countries
Setting up Web sites for multiple countries is a common problem for multinational businesses that want to have separate sites for each country where they do business. Because these Web sites are all likely to be extremely similar to one another, there’s a real risk that the search engines will see them as duplicate content.
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SEW Expert - Aaron Shear Aaron
Lassoing Your Loss Leaders
Loss leaders are words or phrases that typically have such a high cost that they have a negative conversion rate. However, the general thought with loss leaders is that a user is just starting their research with these highly competitive and costly terms.
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark
Don’t Overlook Local Search Opportunities
With local search, there are many free or low-cost opportunities for local advertisers to get found. How many businesses, both small and large, are taking advantage of local SEO?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

comScore Releases Surprising Twitter Statistics
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 9, 2009

comScore has released some interesting statistics about Twitter. It will come as no surprise that Twitter traffic is on the rise. What is surprising is who’s driving the traffic. 45-54 year olds are the top demographic. The more expeccted demo of 25-34 year olds following closely behind at second. But notice …
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Google Adds Color Filter to Image Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 9, 2009

Google has added a handy color filter to its image search. Simply conduct the search and then look for the color box to filter down the search. Interestingly, you get different results if you actually type the color in with your search. The screenshots below show: 1. a general search for “bike” 2. …
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Get On Board the OMS and ClickZ Regional Whistle Stop Tour
Posted by Greg Jarboe Apr 9, 2009

The Online Marketing Summit (OMS) and ClickZ have teamed up to launch a “whistle stop tour” of internet marketing seminars, SEO workshops, and educational events, under the OMS brand. OMS will also be offering thousands of marketing professionals in 17 cities across the U.S. who attend one of these …
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Using Video Spokespeople to Increase Landing Page Conversions
Posted by Tim Ash Apr 9, 2009

When I speak on the topic of landing page optimization I am often asked about embedded video and the use of the walk-on video spokespeople that appear from the lower right corner of the page. Of course the effectiveness of embedded video players and spokespeople depend on the offer, product, and …
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Facebook’s Rapid Growth Continues with 200 Million Members
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 9, 2009

Facebook says it expects to welcome its 200 millionth member today. It was just January when Facebook announced 150 million members. Founder Mark Zuckerberg sees Facebook as more than just social networking, he sees it as a force for social action. Writing on the Facebook blog, Zuckerberg said: Creating channels between …
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Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 9, 2009 has completed the development of its comprehensive car buying tools. The tools are designed to be intuitive to the research, decision-making and buying process. Here’s what to expect: Vehicle Search – This is a good place to start if you don’t already know what type of vehicle you wish to …
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Shoemoney Suing Google Employee for Breaching Google’s T&Cs?
Posted by Frank Watson Apr 9, 2009

Seems Jeremy Shoemaker aka Shoemoney is suing someone who is being allowed to advertise on Google for his trademarked term – a Google T&C no no – and according to TechCrunch, the person may be a Google employee. In the past Google AdWords reps were encouraged and given money to use …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Proper way to launch site rebuild Apr 6, 2009
I am having my site rebuilt on a completely different platform. For now the old version is still live and indexed. Once I am ready to launch I will redirect the site name to the new version and discontinue the old. Obviously, some of the old pages in google will …
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How valuable are links from Apr 4, 2009
i have some unique content but adding it to my blog isnt helping it much since it is new. I was considering submitting it to . Is it worth submitting. What is the value of a link from ezine articles from the the point of view of google, seniors …
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Insight into FB/Social Media Users based on FB Relationship Status Apr 2, 2009
Just read an interesting article from CNN reporting on Facebook users ( and their relationship status. These are mainly college-aged individuals, but collectively represent the general user behavior of Facebook users. According to the article, FB users DO treat relationship status as legitimate. In other words, social interaction is legitimized on Facebook. …
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